Real Estate RFP Case Study

NY Commercial Real Estate Firm

Industry: Real Estate RFP

Location: New York, USA

Company Bio: Confidential client with over 10 million square feet of commercial real estate throughout the United States. 

“Partnering with The Bid Lab isn’t like dealing with other vendors – they are proactive, prompt, and professional in all of our work and communication.” 

– Director of Leasing


  • Effectively navigated government procurement process for commercial real estate listings
  • Identified and managed government leasing opportunities on behalf of their team
  • Created scalable solution for future listings for government agencies by decreasing response time by over 80% 

The Challenge

The realty company had extremely desirable commercial real estate properties located all over the country. And, they knew that government agencies had great demand for spaces like theirs with real estate RFPs. Prior to working with The Bid Lab, their in-house team was able to successfully upload one of its commercial real estate listings to the US government marketplace. However, it required over six months of work that distracted in-house employees from their day-to-day functions. Ultimately, they enlisted The Bid Lab to implement a scalable solution for them. The Bid Lab was responsible for posting all of its desired listings onto the government procurement platforms.  

The Solution – Real Estate RFP

Working with the Director of Leasing to prioritize their portfolio, The Bid Lab implemented its Bid Manager service. The Bid Lab immediately began working through the necessary registrations and documentation needed for the government’s procurement portal. Most importantly was the General Service Administration’s (GSA) Advanced Automated Acquisition Portal (AAAP). This system, with its own registration requirements, also mandated Dun & Bradstreet and business entity registrations. And, each individual property had their own formal Request for Lease Proposal (RLP).

In addition to completing these requisite steps of a real estate RFP response, The Bid Lab worked to identify new opportunities for in-demand leasing space. We also managed communications with contacts within the GSA and AAAP to ensure properties were in well-positioned and in-scope.  

The Results of the Real Estate RFP Project

By partnering with The Bid Lab, the company watched its response time decrease from over six months to just one month per real estate RFP. And, their internal team was able to resume their hired-for functions and left the busy work to its partner team at The Bid Lab. Since doing so, The Bid Lab has completed three buildings in three months, in addition to updating and managing the firm’s government portal registrations.

“The Bid Lab is an extension of our team at this point. We tried them out for a couple of months, and we simply can’t imagine operating without their contribution anymore! Now, The Bid Lab is onboarding one of our buildings to the government’s procurement site on a monthly basis. This is a huge increase from the two per year we were able to manage on our own. 

Partnering with The Bid Lab isn’t like dealing with other vendors – they are proactive, prompt, and professional in all of our work and communication. We really struggled internally trying to manage government bids, and The Bid Lab made it super easy to navigate. I’m just so relieved I can hand this type of work off to someone else. Now I could concentrate on my day-to-day job function. This is the type of logistics no one in the organization wants or is able to manage – and The Bid Lab does it beaming with positivity. Totally recommend!”

– Director of Leasing

Wyoming RFP: WOT Case Study

Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT)

Industry: Government, Hospitality, Tourism, Technology

Location: Cheyenne, WY, USA

Agency Bio: WOT is a destination marketing organization (DMO) with the responsibility for promoting awareness of tourism and outdoor recreation activities in Wyoming to domestic and international travelers.

“You engaged all of our many stakeholders in an exciting and helpful way, and you kept us on track with your organized process. We have nothing but positive feedback!”

– Becky Oswald
Brand Integration Senior Manager
Wyoming Office of Tourism


  • Assessed current state of IT systems that needed integration, upgrade, and/or replacement
  • Facilitated meetings between agency stakeholders in order to align them in their business, functional, and technical requirements and project goals
  • Wrote the State’s Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Evaluated and scored vendor responses to the State’s RFP and helped with vendor selection

The Challenge

Three State Agencies. One Interagency Procurement. 
In an effort to procure new technology for the state for an interactive map, to integrate with a customer management solution (CMS), and to integrate with a customer relationship management (CRM) system between three state agencies, the search began for a consulting firm to advise and guide WOT in writing a single interagency Wyoming RFP for digital services and support. After setting itself apart from the competition, The Bid Lab was awarded a contract to develop the Wyoming RFP and facilitate the State’s procurement process.

“This was my first RFP and The Bid Lab went above and beyond for me. We got compliments from other departments on how well we did. Everyone walked out of this with a positive experience. You engaged all of our many stakeholders in an exciting and helpful way, and you kept us on track with your organized process. We have nothing but positive feedback! Without The Bid Lab we don’t know if we would have had an interagency solution. Overall it was a very positive experience and you were a delight to work with!”

Becky Oswald
WOT Brand Integration Senior Manager

The Solution – Wyoming RFP

The Bid Lab initiated its Bid Builder process by reviewing several current system documents – including contracts, proposals – identify the gaps in functionality. We next conducted a stakeholder survey to gain an understanding of each agency’s respective needs, suggestions, and objectives. Using an analysis of the results and feedback, The Bid Lab met in-person with all three groups, and a representative from the State’s Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) division.

The Bid Lab worked to define their requirements, create process workflows, and user/customer journeys in order to issue the Wyoming RFP. After the two-day session, The Bid Lab, in conjunction with the state agencies, created a list of over 500 requirements that defined their needs in a new integrated solution.
In order to narrow the solution options further and due to the need for more guidance, The Bid Lab assisted the State by writing an RFI to get industry feedback on potential integrated technologies as well as software as a service (SaaS) options.

The Results of the Wyoming RFP

The RFI responses and industry feedback were extremely helpful. They provided the agencies with a more educated approach to defining the desired solution when issuing the Wyoming RFP. Working around the client’s schedule, process, and procurement regulations, The Bid Lab drafted a detailed RFP. And, The Bid Lab ensured only the most qualified vendors would submit a proposal.

By collaboratively and iteratively revising the RFP with stakeholders, The Bid Lab completed a final Wyoming RFP. The State subsequently released the Wyoming RFP in early 2019. The Bid Lab helped evaluate the submitted proposals with the State’s selection committee. We invited a shortlisted group of vendors to Cheyenne for oral presentations. Lastly, the State selected the vendor that will provide it with an integrated technology solution that is cost-effective and will scale to serve their needs for the next 3-5 years.

Case Study: Jump Ahead Pediatrics

Jump Ahead Pediatrics

Industry: Health and Education

Location: New Jersey, USA

Company Bio: Jump Ahead Pediatrics is a pediatric occupational, physical, and speech therapy service provider.

“Working on RFPs can be stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming but I never felt alone or lost because The Bid Lab was there every step of the way. And, with a 30X return on investment, I will definitely keep expanding my relationship with The Bid Lab!” 

– Janki Patel
Jump Ahead Pediatrics


  • Won first-ever RFP with Jump Ahead Pediatrics
  • Subsequently won over 15 bids (and counting) utilizing The Bid Lab’s services
  • Completed 45 bids for school districts throughout New Jersey within 4 months
  • Decreased bid turnaround time from 20 hours to less than 5 hours through database creation 
  • Effectively managed communication with prospects on Jump Ahead’s behalf

The Challenge

Jump Ahead Pediatrics, an occupational, physical and speech therapy company had recently opened successful clinics throughout New Jersey but wanted to expand its business to include relationships with the public school districts around the state.  In order to do so, Janki Patel and Brittany Smith, co-founders of Jump Ahead Pediatrics, knew they’d need to complete an RFP. After identifying a bid opportunity with a New Jersey school district, Patel and Smith immediately realized that they didn’t have the time or resources to complete the RFP while still managing their then-core business, the clinics.

The Solution

Jump Ahead Pediatrics employed The Bid Lab’s Bid Manager service to complete its very first RFP. The Bid Lab worked closely with the Jump Ahead team during each step of the proposal process, navigating them through questionnaires, legalese, bonding requirements, and terms and conditions. 

Even without any previous school districts as references, typically a huge barrier to entry for most firms, The Bid Lab managed the RFP response, and won Jump Ahead Pediatrics’ very first bid!

Excited about the potential to win additional RFPs, Jump Ahead Pediatrics decided to utilize Bid Finder, The Bid Lab’s solution for identifying strategic RFP opportunities, to locate more RFPs for the following school year.
Leveraging both the success and the content from its first RFP, Jump Ahead Pediatrics and The Bid Lab set out to bid on more than 45 opportunities throughout the State of New Jersey.

“Working with The Bid Lab was like having another member of the Jump Ahead Pediatrics team. I found myself asking them if an RFP in question was a good opportunity for us. And when I said ‘us,’ I really meant ‘us.’ The Bid Lab was in it to win it as much as Brittany and I were. Working on RFPs can be stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming but I never felt alone or lost because The Bid Lab was there every step of the way. And, with a 30X Return on Investment, I will definitely keep expanding my relationship with The Bid Lab!”

– Janki Patel

The Results

Jump Ahead originally sought out The Bid Lab to assist in the completion of its first RFP. Not only did The Bid Lab win that proposal, but it subsequently completed an additional 45 RFPs on Jump Ahead’s behalf for other school districts around New Jersey. The results were game-changing.

Jump Ahead Pediatrics won over 15 bids using The Bid Lab’s services equaling at least $1 million in new school contracts for its upcoming school year.

While the proposals varied in both lead time and complexity, all were completed responsively and with due attention to every respective request. As a result of this success, Jump Ahead is now incorporating RFPs into its core business development strategy. The Bid Lab will be meeting with Jump Ahead in advance of the next school ‘RFP season’  to strategize their joint responses to upcoming RFP opportunities. They plan on using saved responses, in addition to any welcomed feedback from the previous year’s school districts, to efficiently submit winning proposals.

City of Richmond Police Department Bid

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City of Richmond Bid: The City of Richmond, Virginia is seeking a vendor to provide, deliver and maintain leased motorcycles to the Richmond Police Department. Proposals are due to the City of Richmond’s Department of Procurement Services by June 11, 2019.


The motorcycles in scope are for a two-year contract term with an extension of up to 12 months. In addition to the extension, the City may, at its sole discretion, renew the contract for up to four (4) one-year renewal terms. They will notify parties if it plans to do so no later than sixty (60) days from the term’s expiration. You can make price adjustments in the event the City does wish to renew; however, they are not to exceed 3% of the contract price of the previous term.

Though the City specifically names Harley Davidson in its RFP, it does not have to be Harley Davidson to win. The RFP mentions a brand name, make, name of any manufacturer, trade name, or vendor catalog number throughout. This is for the purpose of establishing a grade or quality of material only. The City uses terminology like ‘or an approved equal’ as it does not wish to rule out other competition. However, if a product other than that specified is bid, it is the vendors’ responsibility to name such a product within the bid and to provide documentation to the City that said product is equal to that specified. In all instances where an “or equal” or alternate item is bid, bidders shall include a statement that this item being offered meets the specifications of the requested item. Additionally, bidders shall list all deviations from the listed specifications.


If you have a motorcycle product that would properly serve the police department, Harley Davidson or otherwise, and fits into the specifications as detailed by the City of Richmond, The Bid Lab is here to help! The Bid Lab’s Bid Manager can help you draft a winning response. Call us today at (844)4BID-LAB for more information. You can also check out some other bid opportunities here.