How Do I Write a Scope of Work for an RFP?

A scope of work (SOW) is a fundamental piece of a Request for Proposal (RFP) and describes what the company is looking to achieve as a result of the RFP.  The SOW helps ensure that the product or service meets the company’s needs and establishes the parameters of what could be included in the resulting contract.  It should also contain an overall timeline, detailing any milestones, reports, deliverables and/or end products.

So, let’s break down what that looks like into sections. At a minimum, your SOW should contain the following: 

  • Glossary
    • In this section you should define any terms or acronyms used in the SOW. This will help reduce any ambiguity and confusion throughout the SOW.
  • Problem Statement
    • Concisely describe the problem you need to solve.  Define the current state of the environment as well as any activities that have been completed to date as part of the project.
  • Goals
    • Detail the end-goal of the project.  Answer the question “What is the point of this RFP? Be brief and succinct.  Keep this to a few sentences or one paragraph in length.
  • Deliverables
    • This section should outline the deliverables of the project and the associated tasks for each deliverable.  Be as detailed as possible here so both parties understand what is to be done and who is responsible.
  • Communication Plan
    • If there are meetings, calls, or reviews they should be outlined in this section of the SOW.  A regular cadence of check-ins or project status updates should always be included in any SOW to ensure that the project is moving forward in a timely manner.
  • Timeline
    • This section lays out all the dates for the project.  It should also cover due dates for deliverables and incorporate any dates relating to the Communication Plan. 

By including the above components in your RFP SOW you can avoid the main problem that plagues scopes of work: lack of specificity. A well-thought-out SOW tells the issuer that you have taken the time to evaluate the RFP in detail and are confident in your ability to meet their needs. 

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If you give us the gist, we’ll take care of the jargon. 

Consulting, Management and Education Services RFP

A picture of a laptop on a desk with glasses on top of it, phone to the left and mouse to the right.


The State of Nevada Purchasing Division, on behalf of the Department of Education, is currently seeking proposals for Marketing Services, Conference Planning Services, Facilitation, Program Evaluation, Training, Needs Assessments, Project Management, Data Analysis and Report Development on an as needed basis. This education services RFP will be a five-year contract anticipated to begin on September 10, 2019.

The ideal candidate has the ability to exceed the agency’s expectations regarding its shared community vision, evidence-based decision making, community engagement, collaborative action, and investment and sustainability.


Responsibilities regarding marketing services include developing marketing plans for education outreach campaigns, events, conferences, projects or agencies through multimedia offerings. Additionally, conference planning will be paramount to the winning candidate’s proposal. The proposer is looking for a firm with the ability to facilitate planning committee meetings to establish conference agenda, topics and speaker recommendations. Further, vendors should be able to help negotiate contracts with hotels for conference spaces.

An additional requirement is to facilitate meetings relating to action plans to validate assignments of personnel and tasks to ensure timeliness and success of goals and objectives. In order to train properly, the vendor should provide webinars, webcasts and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Lastly, the chosen candidate will be accountable for the planning, day-to-day coordination, successful execution and close-out of assigned projects in accordance with policies and procedures. The vendor will work in tandem with all staff to facilitate a “one team” approach throughout all projects.

The awarded organization will be working directly with the Department of Education to accomplish the goals of the RFP.


Questions for this RFP are due back by June 16, 2019. Answers will be posted on June 20, 2019. The bid response is due by July 1, 2019.


For more bid opportunities like this one, visit the State of Nevada’s website here.

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