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What Does an RFP Writer Do?

Ours craft winning RFP responses for our small business clients! And, they’re an essential part of our extensive team of seasoned RFP managers.

As masters of the RFP universe, The Bid Lab knows every detail of bid proposal management. From finding the right bid opportunity for your business to submitting a standout proposal, our RFP writers approach each bid opportunity with your company’s specific strengths in mind. Have you been wondering how to write request for proposal? Well, our dedicated bid writers will take your firm’s information and conduct a first pass of the RFP with as much or as little input from you, according to your preferences. Then, our team will review each and every component of your targeted bids, and work with you to create the ideal response. In short, The Bid Lab deploys our expert RFP writing services so your proposal process is seamless and productive.

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How Will I Partner With a Professional Proposal Writer?

Working with The Bid Lab’s dedicated bid writers gives you a passionate partner in the bid proposal management process. Our professional proposal writers collaborate with your team to navigate each bid, point by point. We then deliver a responsive bid that clearly illustrates why your firm is the best and only choice. No matter if we’re drafting an executive summary or crafting a detailed Scope of Work (SOW), we understand that every component of your RFP response can mean the difference between a ‘W’ and a lost opportunity. Our bid writing services instantly equip you with years of experience and technology-enabled efficiencies that translate to contracts that grow your business.

Our bid writing services guarantee that:

  • Your RFP writer will develop perfectly responsive bids tailored to your specific business offering.
  • They will convey your firm’s unique story to set you apart from competitors.
  • Our technical bid writers do as much of the heavy lifting as possible.
  • Your team will be empowered to complete winning requests for proposal.

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Why Do I Need RFP Writing Services?

In a nutshell, for maximum efficiency! Our bid writers know exactly how to write an RFP and have years of experience under their belts, which means they help your business avoid common RFP pitfalls that can cost you the private or government contract. Having completed hundreds, if not thousands, of RFPs across all industries, they understand the ins and outs, the ups and downs and everything in between.

At The Bid Lab, our proposal writers  and RFP specialists offer your team:

  • Organization: RFPs — especially those that are lengthy or deal with public sector projects — can quickly become confusing. Our bid writers start by organizing the request for proposal into highly manageable formats to keep requirements and deadlines clear. Then, they follow through by creating a convincing narrative about your business’s capabilities that is both compliant and compelling.
  • An Eye for Details: Our RFP writing services ensure your response meets every condition of the RFP, including what you may think are minor details. Formatting, for instance, is a detail that some companies may overlook after allocating resources to the rest of the response. What they don’t realize is that the RFP reviewer may never even read through your response once they see it’s not in the stipulated Times New Roman 12-point font!
  • Curated Content for Future Bids: Our bid writing services mean you have access to an actively updated content portfolio that can be tapped for additional proposals. Instead of simply writing just what you need, we work with you to add a little extra content any chance we get. And, every bit of added content is a step you don’t have to take when responding to a future RFP.

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Should I Hire an RFP Writer?

Before diving into the RFP process, it’s important to evaluate what it is that makes your business run. Then, consider what would happen if you took significant time away from any of those activities to focus on bid proposal management. How would your business be impacted? If you’re not happy with the answer, The Bid Lab’s adept proposal writers are waiting to help you win your next contract:

  • Our team identifies proposal opportunities best suited for your business.
  • We learn your firm’s competitive advantages.
  • Our experts leverage them to find you the most strategic RFP opportunities.
  • Your dedicated bid writer saves you time and helps you grow your business.

From finding your next bid opportunity to managing and submitting your bid response, our dedicated RFP writers are there every step of the way. Whether you’re in need of qualification assessment, writing and formatting, or the whole gamut, The Bid Lab’s professional proposal writers assist with proposals of all kinds, lengths, scopes and formats. Our RFP writers are well-versed in the differences between proposal writing and technical writing and our technical writers are well-equipped to craft content for every industry from software development to property development. You can depend on us to ensure your submission is on time, on point, and on the shortlist.

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Rely On The RFP Experts

Throughout the entire bid response process, The Bid Lab guarantees consistent communication and transparency. We take the burden of creating RFP responses out of your hands. Even under a tight schedule, we work tirelessly to ensure your bid is comprehensive and correct. We focus on proposal writing and technical writing, when necessary, to create a succinct and compliant proposal. Our RFP specialists turn requests for proposal from a burden on your business to a competitive advantage helping you win government contracts. Your dedicated RFP manager guarantees your bid response on time, on point, and on the short list.

Why Us

Positivity. Anyone can do the job. Only we do the job with the right attitude, even when deadlines are tight.

Flexibility. Every firm has its own way of doing things. Our RFP writers will work around your people, processes, and schedules.

Reliability. Our team has never missed a deadline, and we don’t plan on starting anytime soon.

Quality. Our 4-eye review process ensures that even the smallest of errors are caught before work is submitted.

Transparency. Have any questions during the process? Call us and we will share the status of your bid at any time.

Our Clients Love Our Bid Consulting Services

We are absolutely committed to our clients, and strive to serve as an extension of their teams. We are more than RFP specialists and technical writers, we are partners. But, don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say below!

I was blown away by how your team could take over 100 pages of information and requirements and edit it all down to 20. Along with completing it within the strict time restraints. You made this process a positive one. We look forward to doing it again as part of our business growth plan.
Environmental Disinfection Solutions, Windham, NH

“The initial bid — which we won — is the gift that keeps on giving! The content is reusable, and the team knows our account, so our bidding process has become more efficient and effective than we could have imagined. Thank you!
Pension Technology Group, Boston, MA

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I actually looked forward to my calls with The Bid Lab because I knew they had my best interests in mind to get us winning. The Bid Lab takes care of everything – from registering for cumbersome procurement portals, to writing the winning responses. All the way to designing a beautiful document and printing and shipping the documents when needed!
Quality Transcription Specialists, Grain Valley, MO

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