Pension Technology Group

Service: Bid Manager

Industry: Software Development

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Company Bio: Pension Technology Group (“PTG”) is a leading technology provider of web-based pension administration software solutions. Their platform is designed specifically for public employee retirement funds. PTG’s flagship product, PTG PensionProTM, is a state-of-the-art pension administration software suite that includes employee self-service, employer reporting, electronic document management capabilities and integrated workflow tools. 

“The Bid Lab has proved instrumental in giving us the support we need to go after every solicitation we want, no matter how tight the turnaround time or how complex the requirements are. Our software platform RFPs often have a long and detailed list of functionality requirements. We have always wanted to go beyond just confirming we can meet requirements. We needed a partner that can take our technology, and position it with industry best practices around bidding, sales and marketing our product.”

– Pension Technology Group


  • Pension Technology Group won its very first proposal submitted with The Bid Lab!
  • Since that initial win, The Bid Lab and PTG have submitted five (5) proposals together. Three (3) of them resulted in wins or finalist selection.
  • The Bid Lab provided valuable design, compliance and project management support to help PTG ramp up its proposal pipeline.
  • The Bid Lab’s team of dedicated experts allowed PTG to tailor each proposal’s strategy to the specific target at hand. We helped them avoid submitting standardized content for multiple bids.

Key Stats

Pension Technology Group Case Study

The Challenge

Pension Technology Group are experts in helping public employee pension plans acquire, implement and utilize pension administration software systems. Winning new business through the public bidding process (RFP/RFQ/RFI, etc.) is an established part of their growth strategy. Their challenge centered around tailoring individual proposals to the specific needs of each public agency they wanted to serve. 

The same PTG staff responsible for identifying, drafting and submitting new business proposals must additionally execute their daily responsibilities for existing clients. Their goal? To maximize the number of proposal responses while maintaining the high level of customization their bids deserved. So, Pension Technology Group turned to an external partner for additional support.

The Solution

PTG found their ideal external partner in The Bid Lab. Our teams quickly integrated and simultaneously began collaborating on a lucrative public sector opportunity in Delaware. 

PTG shared their existing proposal and marketing content with The Bid Lab. Thereafter, The Bid Lab streamlined PTG’s process for new content creation, compliance-check verification, completion of all necessary forms and attachments and much more. 

We wanted to make PTG’s unique advantages truly stand out. So, The Bid Lab’s design team implemented new process graphics, hierarchy charts, software functionality screenshots and more. Each graphic advanced the data’s overall communication through visualization — avoiding any chance of critical information being overlooked.

The Bid Lab further customized the bid’s Executive Summary to highlight PTG’s specific experience matching that of the targeted public agency. In a similar fashion, TBL constructed each bid document to not only meet exact information and formatting requirements but also ensure PTG’s product would better represent the agency as well. 

By allowing The Bid Lab to take ownership of more of the time-intensive bidding tasks, PTG staff was able to focus on delivering agency-specific strategic details of the proposal.

“The initial bid — which we won — is the gift that keeps on giving! The content is reusable, and the team knows our account, so our bidding process has become more efficient and effective than we could have imagined. Thank you!”

– Pension Technology Group

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The Results of the Engagement

The newly improved designs, content responses and collaboration processes had an immediate impact. 

On our very first proposal working together, Pension Technology Group was selected as the winner and awarded the total contract! Evaluators rated the bid’s detailed plan, appearance and formatting particularly high, in addition to PTG’s comprehensive functionality and efficient pricing. 

But we’re never content with just a single win — even if we achieve it on the very first target! Since then, Pension Technology Group has been selected as a finalist for three (3) additional government contracts, with a through-rate of 60% as of this article’s publication.

This continued success is buoyed by The Bid Lab’s ability to streamline PTG’s bidding processes. We’ve implemented efficient workflows to identify new bid opportunities and save customizable content responses and graphics for future use. Furthermore, we manage administrative tasks related to attachments, compliance and more. All of these efficiencies allow PTG’s staff to stay focused on RFP strategy, rather than the many details that can weigh a busy team down.

Interested in Working Together?

Whether you’re an emerging new enterprise, an established player in your industry or anything in between, The Bid Lab can provide comprehensive, personalized service to help you grow through RFPs and contract bidding. Moreover, our team of RFP experts includes researchers, writers, editors and industry veterans who collaborate to optimize your proposal. Finally, contact us at or 1-844-4BIDLAB to learn more about ways we can deliver successful outcomes for your organization.