Austin, Texas Watercraft Rental Concession RFP

The City of Austin, Texas is looking to secure a contract for management and operations services for a watercraft rental concession in Zilker Park. The City’s Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) oversees this concession and other watercraft rental concessions on Lady Bird Lake.

Scope of Work

The City of Austin operates nine concessions on or near Lady Bird Lake. Accordingly, six of these are watercraft rental operations, providing rentals and/or instruction on rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding.

The City of Austin desires proposals and resulting contracts that meet or exceed all the objectives as listed below:

  • Firstly, ensure accessible and well-maintained concessions, equipment, and infrastructure for the visiting public.
  • Ensure the contractor complies with all applicable statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations.
  • Also, ensure contractors, employees and patrons are environmental stewards of the parkland and waterways.
  • Ensure concession site, landscaped areas, and natural elements are well maintained, utilizing applicable industry standards. Also, use best practices in landscaping that promote optimally healthy turf, trees, and plant life. Correspondingly, ensure such activities are conducted in a safe, clean and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Also, ensure and coordinate daily operations efficiently and professionally that results in quality service delivery, protect public safety and minimize adverse impacts to parkland.
  • Ensure proper administrative and operational policies and procedures are established to achieve and maintain:
    • professional and operational efficiency;
    • trained and/or certified personnel and active volunteer coordination;
    • high-quality customer service and timely complaints resolution;
    • thorough, accurate and accessible records management and retention;
    • effective business and accounts management;
    • optimum employee and public safety, and adherence to applicable risk management standards.
  • Ensure best practices in maintaining the public’s trust, including a high standard of ethical, equitable and non-discriminatory practices. Also, provides excellent service to customers in a respectful and consistent manner.
  • Finally, ensure that all policies, programming, and procedures are developed utilizing an equity and inclusion lens.

View the full RFP on the City of Austin, Texas website.

Submission Information

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is due at 2:00pm CST on Tuesday March 5, 2024

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