Eugene, Oregon Veterinary Medical Services RFQ

The City of Eugene, Oregon has issued a Request for Qualifications to create a pool of trained veterinary medical service providers. Should the need arise, the City may contract qualified pool participants.

Project Description

Generally, services include providing spay or neuter surgery in addition to well-pet care. These services will be provided on an as-needed basis.

Veterinary Service Requirements

Above all, the contractor must be a licensed veterinarian in the State of Oregon and must maintain current and correct licensure. Additionally, the contractor must be able to perform the following duties:

  • Surgical sterilizations
  • Administer and monitor anesthetics
  • Examine animals pre-operatively to determine their ability to withstand surgery
  • Examine animals post-operatively to ensure appropriate healing
  • Inoculate animals and provide recommendations for follow-up care
  • Supervise post-operative rechecks and order medical treatments as necessary to ensure complete surgical recovery
  • Implant microchips for identification
  • Record and log controlled substances
  • Follow and support all organizational and medical protocols
  • Communicate effectively with the clinic supervisor, CVT and senior staff to keep management apprised of all out-of-the-ordinary situations
  • Provide input and communicate any issues regarding the clinic’s disease control protocols, surgical protocols or other medical issues at regular veterinarian meetings or with the clinic supervisor as appropriate

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Submission Information

Furthermore, all proposals must be received no later than 2:30 PM PST on November 1, 2025.

Interested in Responding to this RFQ?

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