Del Rio, Texas Restaurant and Concession RFP

The City of Del Rio is seeking to obtain sealed proposals from qualified vendors who can provide the City with restaurant, catering and concession services.

Project Description

The City is considering opening up the San Felipe Golf Course kitchen for use by a vendor who can provide restaurant, catering and concession services. The City of Del Rio is also planning to install a concession stand at the San Felipe Golf Course. The selected vendor would run the concession stand, selling prepackaged snacks and drinks.

Restaurant and Catering Requirements

The City of Del Rio will need catering services from time to time for various events held throughout the year. The scope of work of this agreement will include catering for the following (not limited to) City of Del Rio events:

  • Council Meetings (Held at least twice a month)
  • Economic Development Board Meetings (Held once a month)
  • Mayor’s Fiesta de Amistad Reception (Held during Fiesta de Amistad in October)
  • City of Del Rio Employee Appreciation Dinner (Held annually in December)
  • City of Del Rio Thanksgiving Luncheon

View the full RFP at the Del Rio Official Site.

Submission Information

All proposals must be received no later than 2:00 PM on January 10, 2023.

Interested in Responding to this RFP?

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