New York Cannabis Media Campaign RFP

The New York State Office of Cannabis Management (“OCM”) is seeking competitive proposals from qualified marketing/advertising companies, to develop and implement state-wide, targeted public education campaign(s) on the public health and safety components of the regulated cannabis market.

Scope of Work

Public education is a priority for NYS as the adult-use cannabis marketplace develops and grows. There is a wide gap in cannabis education, even amongst the most regular consumers, and efforts to educate consumers and priority groups are key preventive tools for adverse events, overconsumption of cannabis, accidental ingestion by young people and/or pets, and driving under the influence.

OCM is seeking to establish public education campaigns and efforts with the following aims:

  • Education around why cannabis consumers should buy regulated cannabis products from the NYS adult-use cannabis industry as opposed to unregulated cannabis products and when the NYS Medical Cannabis Program may be the right choice for certain individuals
  • Increase the public’s knowledge about what is legal under the Cannabis Law and OCM regulations, policies, and the public health and social & economic equity goals of OCM
  • Increase accurate knowledge of the health impacts of cannabis use
  • Increase perceptions of risk related to problematic use of cannabis, including but not limited to:
    • Underage cannabis consumption
    • Cannabis use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding
    • Overconsumption of cannabis
  • Increase awareness about cannabis and conversations between trusted adults and young people related to cannabis use
  • Increase consumer conversations with health care providers about cannabis use including for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals
  • Increase knowledge around safer, legal, and responsible cannabis use among adult consumers in New York, including messages to address: safe storage of RFP 2671- OCM Cannabis Media Campaign Development Page 10 of 53 cannabis products, cannabis-impaired driving, and public health education for different key populations
  • Reduce cannabis-related stigma.

View the full RFP at the New York State Website.

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is 2:00 pm EST on September 20, 2023.

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