Newport, Virginia Vending Machine Services RFP

The City of Newport News is seeking proposals from qualified firms to furnish install, service, maintain, and stock beverage vending machines and snack food vending machines at various City locations and facilities.

Scope of Work

General Requirements

Contractors shall provide vending machines at any requested City location or facility.

  • The contractor shall deliver, install and service all vending machines.
  • The contractor shall maintain all vending machines and provide routine maintenance of all machine components on a regular basis as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Also, the contractor shall promptly replace machines that are determined to be inoperable. Replacements shall be made at no cost to the City.
  • The contractor shall promptly repair machines as necessary. Additionally, upon notification of a broken or malfunctioning machine, a repair technician shall respond to the call within one (1) business day. Repairs shall be made at no cost to the City.
  • The contractor shall reimburse the vending machine user when an item purchased is not dispensed or when adequate change is not received or returned and such refund shall be provided to the requester within five (5) business days.
  • The contractor’s name and contact telephone number must be prominently displayed on each vending machine.
  • Accordingly, the contractor shall regularly service all vending machines to ensure items are stocked at all times. The Contractor may service locations with lower usage less frequently, provided the machine is adequately stocked between visits and all items are fresh. Accordingly, if certain machines experience unusually high usage, the contractor shall be responsible for servicing those machines more frequently. The Contractor shall adjust service frequencies at the City’s request.
  • Also, the contractor employees must have appropriate identification at all times while on City property. In addition, all Contractor employees shall be easily identified by uniform, name badges, or other similar means.
  • Contractor shall provide final water connections for hot beverage machines.
  • Contractor shall employ adequately trained and competent personnel to service, repair and replace machines during the contract term.

Vending Machine Requirements

  • All vending machines shall include a dollar bill changer and coin changer and be able to accept both coins and dollar bills. The City is also interested in credit/debit card technology options as a form of payment. 
  • A separate bill changer may be requested at some locations and shall be provided by the Contractor upon request by the City.
  • The City desires that all cold beverage vending machines provided by the Contractor be designated ENERGY STAR compliant and include a low power mode that allows the machine to be placed in a low energy state during times of inactivity. Additional information regarding ENERGY STAR vending machines may be obtained at
  • All vending machines shall meet applicable electrical standards and be properly tested.

View the full RFP here.

Submission Information

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is due at 5:00pm local prevailing time on Friday May 10th, 2024.

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