Phoenix Arizona Public Art Project RFP

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, in collaboration with the Parks and Recreation and Streets Transportation Departments, seeks to commission permanent artwork for the 55th Avenue Promenade, located between Camelback Road and Indian School Road in central Phoenix.

Scope of Work

Project Description

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture seeks applications from professional artists. Artists working in various media and artistic approaches will be responsible for the design and implementation of the artwork.

The artwork must be made of durable materials that can survive the desert climate. Also, the artwork provides shade in support of the City of Phoenix Cool Corridors Initiative. Finally, the artwork enhances the pedestrian experience of this unique neighborhood amenity. Four locations have been identified however final placement will be determined based on the approved final design.

The 55th Avenue Promenade is a linear greenspace located within a flood-irrigated landscape median between two one-direction roads along the avenue. As a part of the City of Phoenix Cool Corridors initiative, pedestrian amenities have been added, including a walking path along both the east and west sides of the corridor and shade trees. Additionally, four plinths (concrete foundations) will be installed to support the artwork which will be visible from the walking path and by vehicular traffic.

Artwork Specifications

The artwork may be no taller than 12’ and must be able to fit within the predetermined areas, avoiding underground utilities and tree canopies. Artwork must be made of durable and low-maintenance materials that are suitable for an outdoor installation in Phoenix. The artwork should be designed with safety in mind, mitigating any potential hazards such as sharp or protruding edges or elements. The content for the artwork must be suitable for public consumption and should be designed with the surrounding neighborhood stakeholders in mind. The selected artist will be expected to collaborate with community stakeholders when developing a design concept for the project. Additional design considerations must include goals outlined in the Cool Corridors Initiative.

View the full RFP on the City of Pheonix website.

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is 5:00pm MST on July 12, 2023.

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