Asheville Security Services RFP

The City of Asheville, North Carolina, is seeking security services for all parking garages and facilities on an as-needed basis on a 24/7 schedule. These would include filling in for absent staff, special events, and other necessary times that may arise.

Project Scope

Security guards are to maintain a safe environment for staff and visitors, securing the City’s visitors and property, which includes office spaces and vehicles parked in their facilities. At the end of each shift, security guards will fill out a round sheet (either digitally or on paper) and turn it in to city staff via a drop box or in person. Guards must maintain a professional appearance and wear a uniform at all times. The winning bidder must furnish a vehicle or any other needed equipment for staff to utilize on site.

Security Patrols

Guards will routinely check all parking facilities within two (2) hours, including spot checking all stairwells, storage areas, restrooms, and levels in parking garages, as well as all external parking lots. Additionally, guards should fully walk the stairwells at least twice in one shift and check all doors controlled by the city at least twice in the shift. Finally, guards should make at least four (4) full rounds in an eight (8)-hour shift, six (6) full rounds in a twelve (12)-hour shift, etc. During patrols, guards are responsible for noting any damage to city or customer property in their shift log. Guards should rotate their shift routines to avoid making any ascertainable patterns. Security guards may complete patrols on foot or in a provided vehicle. Guards must also direct emergency personnel to the location(s) of any problem(s) and notify Parking Services in accordance with post orders. Coverage for parking facilities include, but may not be limited to:

  • Biltmore Ave Garage – 61 South Lexington Ave
  • HCCA Garage – 68 Rankin Ave
  • Rankin Ave Garage – 12 Rankin Ave
  • Wall St Garage – 45 Wall St
  • Parking Lot #13 – 57 Rankin Ave
  • Parking Lot #14 – 70 Rankin Ave
  • Parking Lot #15 – 130 N. Lexington Ave
  • Parking Lot #18 – 76 Haywood St
  • Parking Lot #19 – 37 Page Ave
  • Parking Lot #20 – 50 Asheland Ave
  • W. Cherry St Lot – 88 Cherry St
  • E. Cherry St Lot – 34 Cherry St
  • Marjorie St Lot – 5 Marjorie St
  • Valley St Lot – 55 Valley St

View the full RFP by visiting the City of Asheville, Official Site.

Submission Information

Proposed contractors may submit proposals via email to no later than September 22, 2022.

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