Suffolk County Jail Parking Lot Expansion RFP

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department is soliciting Bidders to expand the Suffolk County Jail parking lot.


The SCSD operates the Suffolk County Jail which is located at 200 Nashua Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114. The Suffolk County Jail was opened in 1990 and consists of one (1) building. Additionally, the current parking lot is an estimate of 6,700sq ft.

Scope of Work

The Contractor shall expand the current parking lot (roughly 6,700sq ft.) to be roughly 12,400sq ft. Additionally, the green space would be removed. Also, including two trees along the fence and two stumps that would need to be ground down. There is a light pole that would need to be removed. Furthermore, a new gate to facilitate a separate entrance and exit would be preferable.

The contractor shall be expected to do the work between the hours of 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Accordingly, the Contractor shall use its best efforts to minimize any interruption to the Awarding Authority’s facilities. Equally, the contractor shall schedule such interruption with the Superintendent of the Awarding Authority to thus minimize the effect of any such interruption.

View the full RFP here.

Submission Information

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is 3:00pm PST on December 14, 2023.

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