Automation and Proposals: 10 RFP Tasks To Automate

RFP Automation and Proposals

When you hear the word “automation,” you may think of factory workers being replaced by robots, or reports that AI might someday take over the world. But at The Bid Lab, automation means something different. It means less work for you and an increased chance of winning your bids. And it’s all done by humans (not robots) to ensure quality. 

How do we do it? We take the most difficult components of the RFP and streamline them so you can submit your bid on time and with confidence. We stay in constant contact with you and your team, managing the process from start to finish to reduce your workload. Let us show you how The Bid Lab’s proposal automation can transform your RFP process from lengthy and burdensome to smooth and efficient. 

Sourcing Bid Opportunities

Not sure where to start? You can find and source RFPs with The Bid Lab. Our team searches for and provides bid opportunities that best suit your business needs. We have access to, and experience with, some of the most reliable databases in our industry. The Bid Lab presents bids sourced by real humans. We go above and beyond keyword matching to find only the most relevant and valuable opportunities. Find out more about the matching capabilities of our Bid Finder services here.

Providing Project Management 

We meticulously plan and track every deadline to ensure your proposal is submitted in a timely manner. We manage the process for you through a project management sheet that’s accessible to our clients at any time. First, the team goes through the original RFP to create a content document for responses. Then, we schedule a kick-off call and review the requirements and timeline with you. The team gathers client responses for the content document based on your existing materials and identifies any gaps, working with you to get all the information necessary to complete your bid. We handle deadlines so you can spend your valuable time tending to your business. 

Researching the Client and Bid With Automation

We give you a competitive edge by researching the offeror, previous contracts, pricing and past bid winners. Next, we identify what your potential client values in a contractor and align your company with these values. We also research previous pricing and past winners of the offeror’s RFPs to determine the basis for a competitive cost proposal. You’ll go into the RFP process with knowledge, real insights and a dedicated partner that increases your chances of success. 

Scheduling Meetings With Automation

No more forgotten meetings or having to navigate scheduling conflicts! Proposal automation means The Bid Lab schedules virtual meetings with your team at your convenience, including kick-offs, follow-ups and final reviews. Because The Bid Lab’s team works remotely and in multiple time zones, there’s always someone you can contact. We’re there for you every step of the way, with flexibility that fits your busy schedule.

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Facilitating the First Pass

The Bid Lab saves you time by taking on the ‘first pass’ of your bid, or the first round of content development. We prefill your proposal with relevant and existing information and tailor it to the specific requirements of the RFP in scope. Then, we expand upon these answers, creating a robust and complete response that matches the true essence of your brand. When we review the bid with you during your kick-off call, you already have an informed understanding of which components need further insight. 

Saving Reusable Content With Automation

When you send us reference information (sales sheets, marketing materials, etc.) for current RFPs, we save that content in your client folder for proposal automation of future bids. You never have to resend any information. If you’ve completed a bid with us before, chances are we have enough content to begin a new RFP immediately. This saves you time spent searching for that perfect response to a question you may have already answered. All content, including proposals in development, is accessible by the client via a shared drive

Flagging Missing Information

Losing out on a bid because of missing information in a proposal is all too common. If you’re one person reviewing a 50-page document, it can be easy to miss incomplete responses that can cause trouble down the road. That’s why The Bid Lab has a full team of expert proposal writers and editors dedicated to your RFP. We review your proposal document multiple times throughout the development process, flagging and tracking any missing or incomplete responses. Then, we report directly to you with these flagged items so you can review them and ensure the information is included before submission. 

Designing the RFP Using Automation

The Bid Lab handles the entire design process for your proposal. Using our graphic design software, the team develops designed image cover pages for the key components of your proposal. We ensure all design elements are professional and in line with your brand, communicating the best of what you have to offer. We also design or recreate any graphics (tables, charts, etc.) included in your proposal to help visually supplement your offerings.  

Completing Quality Assurance

The Bid Lab employs a four-eye review process to ensure that all grammar errors and typos are caught and corrected before submission. We believe that the key to a successful bid is quality over quantity. Our team makes sure your proposal uses concise, professional language that both suits your brand and showcases your strengths. 

Submitting the Finished Product

You guessed it, The Bid Lab’s proposal automation also includes the ability to submit a bid for you. Whether it’s an online or physical submission, we can get the job done. For those submitting online, we upload all necessary materials to the offeror’s portal for your convenience. If your bid requires documents to be shipped by mail, The Bid Lab can print and ship your bid to the required recipient. We keep shipping times in mind to ensure your bid arrives well before the deadline.

We know that the RFP process can be complex, especially for smaller businesses that may not have the staff needed to dedicate to an entire RFP. So, that’s why we started providing proposal automation services to give these companies an edge in the selection process. We’re committed to sourcing and submitting high-quality bids, no matter your industry. To learn more about the tasks you can automate with The Bid Lab, contact us today for a free consultation. So, reach out by calling 1-844-4BIDLAB or by emailing