Jump Ahead Pediatrics

Service: Bid Manager

Industry: Education

Location: New Jersey

Company Bio: Jump Ahead Pediatrics (link) is a pediatric occupational, physical and speech therapy service provider.

“Working on RFPs can be stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming but I never felt alone or lost because The Bid Lab was there every step of the way. And, with a 30x return on investment, I will definitely keep expanding my relationship with The Bid Lab!”

– Janki Patel, Co-owner


  • Won first-ever RFP for Jump Ahead Pediatrics
  • Subsequently won over 15 bids (and counting) utilizing The Bid Lab’s services
  • Completed 45 bids for school districts throughout New Jersey within four (4) months
  • Decreased bid turnaround time from 20 hours to less than five (5) hours through database creation
  • Effectively managed communication with prospects on Jump Ahead Pediatrics’ behalf

Key Stats

The Challenge

Jump Ahead Pediatrics, an occupational, physical and speech therapy company had recently opened successful clinics throughout New Jersey. As a result of their success, they wanted to expand their business to include relationships with the public school districts around the State. In order to do so, Janki Patel and Brittany Smith, co-founders of Jump Ahead Pediatrics, knew they’d need to complete an RFP. After identifying a bid opportunity with a New Jersey school district, Patel and Smith immediately realized that they didn’t have the time or resources to complete the RFP while still managing their then-core business, the clinics.

The Solution

Jump Ahead Pediatrics employed The Bid Lab’s Bid Manager service to complete their very first RFP. The Bid Lab worked closely with the Jump Ahead team during each step of the proposal process, navigating them through questionnaires, legalese, bonding requirements, and terms and conditions. 

Even without any previous school districts as references, typically a huge barrier to entry for most firms, The Bid Lab managed the RFP response and won Jump Ahead Pediatrics’ very first bid!

Excited about the potential to win additional RFPs, Jump Ahead Pediatrics decided to utilize Bid Finder, The Bid Lab’s solution for identifying strategic RFP opportunities, to locate more RFPs for the following school year. Leveraging both the success and the content from its first RFP, Jump Ahead Pediatrics and The Bid Lab set out to bid on more than 45 opportunities throughout the State of New Jersey.

“Working with The Bid Lab was like having another member of the Jump Ahead Pediatrics team. I found myself asking them if an RFP in question was a good opportunity for us. And when I said ‘us,’ I really meant ‘us.’ The Bid Lab was in it to win it as much as Brittany and I were.”

– Janki Patel, Co-owner

The Results of the Engagement

Jump Ahead originally sought out The Bid Lab to assist in the completion of its first RFP. Not only did The Bid Lab win that proposal, but it subsequently completed an additional 45 RFPs on Jump Ahead’s behalf for other school districts around New Jersey. The results were game-changing. Jump Ahead Pediatrics won over 15 bids using The Bid Lab’s services, equaling at least $1 million in new school contracts for its upcoming school year.

While the proposals varied in both lead time and complexity, all were completed responsively and with due attention to every respective request. As a result of this success, Jump Ahead is now incorporating RFPs into its core business development strategy. The Bid Lab will be meeting with Jump Ahead in advance of the next school ‘RFP season’  to strategize their joint responses to upcoming RFP opportunities. We utilize saved responses and include any welcome feedback from the previous year’s school districts to efficiently submit winning proposals.

Interested in Working Together?

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