Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services eCommerce RFP

Are you a firm looking for an eCommerce opportunity? Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services, Inc is issuing an RFP for eCommerce capable Catering Services. The product or service will compile member procurement requirements. Overall, it will give E&I members a procurement vehicle to acquire necessary products and services. The system will be instrumental in maintaining proper approvals for members’ meal-related expenses and transactions.

As per the requirements of this eCommerce RFP, the proposed products or services should be new, unused, and currently available. In addition, the selected contractor must provide a feature focused on eCommerce efficiency. Most E&I members currently maintain an eCommence platform or Marketplace from the member’s chosen platform vendor. In conclusion, the contractor must provide a solution that will easily integrate or be compatible with current platforms.

Submission Timeline

This eCommerce RFP will span five (5) years with the option of one five (5)-year renewal. Firms may submit questions to E&I’s Electronic Sourcing Solution. Proposals are due November 19, 2020 at 1:00 PM ET. In addition, firms must submit responses via E&I’s Electronic Sourcing Solution. E&I will not consider hard copy responses. To see more, view the full requirements of this RFP here.


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