McNab House and Botanical Gardens RFP

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The Pompano Beach, Florida Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is inviting commercial real estate professionals or professional restaurateur operators to submit proposals to fund, develop and operate a restaurant and café in the historic McNab House and Botanical Gardens, formerly known as McNab Park.

The McNab House, an iconic 1926 structure, is one of the most historic homes in Pompano Beach. It was in the McNab Family for three (3) generations. The CRA envisions that the selected operators will:

  • Fund and renovate the existing historic McNab House and Garage in its current location
  • Improve the surrounding area for outdoor dining
  • Construct a new kitchen in an annex building, including restrooms for House and Garage restaurant patrons 

Project Phases

The proposer will operate the restaurants while the remainder of the garden is redeveloped. This development will include an event facility and open-air lawn venues. Moreover, for the McNab House RFP, the CRA:

  1. Will consider proposals that only respond to Phase 1 of the project, which entails the McNab House and Garage operations. It includes the outdoor patio dining, kitchen annex building, and loading and/or garbage disposal area 
  2. Recognizes that Phase 2, which entails the Garden, requires further definition and will take time to come to fruition. This will allow a proposer to begin operations at the restaurant during the design and build of the remainder of the Garden.

The CRA’s role will be to construct a world-class botanical garden that draws visitors to the project and supports the restaurants, attracts festive ceremonies like weddings, holds small-scale events, provides educational events, encourages family gatherings and provides general enjoyment of the park’s nature in its entirety. The operators and the CRA will cooperatively manage the entire park to create a dynamic facility that attracts Pompano Beach residents as well as visitors year-round.

Important Submission Information

Proposals for the McNab House RFP must be submitted no later than Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 2:00 PM ET.

In addition, proposers must submit electronically through the City of Pompano Beach’s eBid System on or before the due date and time. Proposers must also be registered on the City’s eBid System in order to view the solicitation documents. To see the complete requirements, view the RFP here.

Interested in Responding to This RFP?

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