New York Bulk Energy Storage RFP

Con Edison (CECONY) and Orange & Rockland (O&R) of New York State are jointly issuing an RFP. The purpose is to solicit offers from developers to place large battery storage systems in New York City and four (4) counties to the north. To meet The New York State Public Service Commission requirement, O&R seeks to procure at least 10 MW of energy storage. CECONY is seeking to procure 300 MW.

As part of New York City and New York State environmental plans, batteries help make it possible to store energy from renewable resources like solar or windmill farms. Furthermore, when customers need electricity, battery grids will deliver it at a minimized cost. For example, energy storage will draw power from the electrical grid when demand is low and less expensive. Meanwhile, when demand is high, the energy storage will draw from its saved battery cells. This will decrease the draw from the fossil fuel-fired plants.

Read more about the details of this upcoming project at Con Edison and O&R Utilities Seeking Battery Projects to Aid Clean Energy Push.

CECONY wants projects totaling at least 200 megawatts in each New York City and Westchester County. O&R is seeking to receive projects totaling 10 megawatts. Further, the RFP requires bidders at a minimum to:

  1. Demonstrate experience deploying the proposed commercialized storage technology. This must be at scale with Dispatchable Capacity of at least 2 MW in a single project in an expeditious manner.
  2. Provide at least three (3) years of Audited Financial Statements.
  3. Provide a written certification that all RFP requirements have been reviewed, are understood and will be complied with for all Offers provided. Failure to meet all RFP requirements will result in automatic Offer rejection.
  4. Complete the Bidder’s Qualification Questionnaire as found in the RFP.

Each proposed location will be interconnected electrically within CECONY’s service territory and separately metered from any other project on-site. Developers (bidders) will own, operate and maintain the storage systems. They will also enter into contracts of up to 10 years with either utility company.

Important Submittal Information

All Offers, for either CECONY or O&R, must be uploaded to the Con Edison “Bulk Storage RFP Bidder
Portal” website on or prior to the deadline. Responders must register with Con Edison via their website portal by August 15, 2021.

All Phase One proposals are due no later than Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 5 PM EST.

For a list of requirements including technical, interconnection, credit and safety please visit Con Edison’s New York Bulk Energy Storage RFP.

Interested in Responding to This RFP?

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