Why You Need an RFP Writer

Your organization needs to build a new website. You’ve been chosen to spearhead the project. Now, it’s time to build a Request for Proposal (RFP) – and of course, you’ve never done this before! What is an RFP? How do you even construct one? Where do you look for help?

How to Write a Winning Bid

You have to respond to an RFP or other type of bid request. It’s not always enjoyable but it’s easier when you have a solid, strong chance of being selected. What can you do to not just respond…but to WIN?

RFPs for Vendors: How the RFP Process Works

Your organization has a service or product to sell. It’s time to respond to a client’s Request for Proposals (RFP) – don’t panic! Because The Bid Lab knows a thing or two about how RFPs work for vendors. So, let us get you started by breaking down the steps of the RFP process. By understanding…