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RFP Responses Begin With Human Intelligence

What Is The Role Of AI And Human Intelligence In RFP Responses? An abundance of public and private RFPs are available across industries for small and large businesses alike to bid on. My company specializes in helping small- and medium-sized businesses compete in this sector, so it has been interesting to see the increase in…

4 Small Business Procurement Trends

Four Small Business Procurement Trends — And What They May Mean For Your Company Post Written By Maurice Harary Forbes Councils Member Over the past year, businesses across the globe have ridden the highs and lows of what the pandemic brought in. And, from the perspective of a request-for-proposal consulting company, it has been interesting…

How Companies Can Lead The Way For Generation Z

Post Written By Maurice Harary, Forbes Councils Member If you’re a Baby Boomer, Generation Xer or a millennial, you’ve likely learned the “ways” of the business world organically. Many of my skills came from watching, imitating, listening, eavesdropping, shadowing and doing what I learned from the peers and leaders who surrounded me. As I saw…

No Happy Hours? Here’s How To Network

Post Written By Maurice Harary, Forbes Councils Member If you’re a professional in any level of business, you’ve likely acquired stacks of business cards from the myriad meetings and networking events you’ve attended. From trade shows to happy hours, when I look at the stacks of cards I’ve collected over the years, I like to…

13 Methods To Reach Customers Beyond Your Community

Businesses usually start within their local community. Small and medium enterprises draw a lot of their customers from their local region, and many even hire within the area as well. However, as a business expands, it quickly realizes that the local region may be holding back its growth. There is only a finite amount of consumers within the local catchment area, and the company needs to reach out to more people if it wants to realize its full potential.

16 Strategies For Creating A Positive Employee Experience

Studies have shown that workers who have ideal workplace conditions are more likely to be innovative and creative. It’s up to leaders within the company to set the stage for this sort of mindset. Engaged workers tend to enjoy their work more and are far more productive, but without leaders invested in creating ideal working conditions, employees may consider leaving the company for greener pastures.

The Details Are In The RFP: Don’t Let Bidding Intimidate You

Putting together a winning request for proposal response does not happen overnight. As the founder and CEO of a bid consulting firm, I know that writing an RFP is not simple, easy or quick and is likely why more businesses do not compete in the procurement process. Larger companies often have dedicated project management teams to divvy up RFP responsibilities. Smaller companies, however, typically cannot afford that same luxury.

16 Organic Ways To Profitably Advertise

As the needs of consumers evolve, organizations are forced to rethink their current marketing practices and evolve. Paid advertising will likely always be a valuable method for reaching current and prospective customers. However, organic marketing can help facilitate a connection with a target audience that benefits both the audience and the business for the long term.