About Us

Founded by proposal experts, The Bid Lab is the only RFP consultant firm of its kind dedicated to all things RFPs – and only RFPs. The RFP proposal process can be overwhelming, and no two bids are the same. Crafting a winning response takes valuable time away from your day-to-day work, and that’s why The Bid Lab helps you focus on the work you do best. By handing over the time-consuming process of sifting through meticulous requirements to find and respond to RFPs that are right for you, The Bid Lab allows you to resume and prioritize your hired-for job functions.

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The Bid Lab has helped small businesses like yours complete RFPs for public and private entities across the country. No project is too big or too small.

Why Us

  • Positivity. Anyone can do the job. Only we do the job with the right attitude, even when deadlines are tight.
  • Flexibility. Every firm has its own way of doing things. We will work around your people, processes, and schedules.
  • Quality. Our 4-eye review process ensures that even the smallest of errors are caught before work is submitted.
  • Transparency. Have any questions during the process? Call us and we will share the status of your bid at any time.
  • Neutrality. Our team will choose the best vendor based on your evaluation criteria. No more internal politics keeping your inefficient incumbent employed.

Join Our Team!

The Bid Lab is growing fast, which is why we’re looking for fast-paced people to come aboard. Whether you’re a fast learner, writer, researcher or designer, we are seeking ambitious, self-starters who are ready to grow with our company.


Our Founders

Do you hate working with your spouse? You’re not alone. In the United States, 97% of married couples choose not to work together.
We are the 3%.

Maurice and Jordan Harary are husband and wife co-founders of The Bid Lab. Since 2017, they’ve had three babies: 1. The Bid Lab (world’s leading RFP company), 2. Piper (dog), 3. Reese (human girl).

1. The Bid Lab

2. Piper

3. Reese

While the latter two required less business acumen, starting The Bid Lab was the culmination of four years at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

With a degree and a marriage license in hand, Maurice and Jordan both set out on different paths, Maurice working on the RFP team at IHS Markit and Jordan forging her way in the automotive industry. They both climbed the corporate ladders in their respective fields until one fateful day…

Jordan’s dealership group was vying to add another rooftop to its portfolio, which required a (you guessed it) Request for Proposal. While her firm resolved to hire an outside consultant to complete the RFP, Jordan was learning just how widespread and industry agnostic the procurement process really was. The day before the RFP was due, Jordan received the final copy to review and was dumbfounded by what she saw. Not only was the RFP littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, but it also referenced outdated information and did not follow the prescribed format. With Maurice already on speed dial, they both knew it was going to be a looooooooong night.

From dusk until dawn, they wrote content, redesigned formatting, remediated inaccuracies and prepared a proposal that Jordan would be proud to stand behind. Then, after finally taking some time to sleep, they realized what had happened and what had been in front of them the entire time. Jordan’s writing expertise coupled with Maurice’s RFP knowledge was a winning combination. Right then and there, The Bid Lab was born.




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