Environmental Disinfection Solutions

Service: Bid Manager

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Windham, New Hampshire

Company Bio: Environmental Disinfection Solutions, LLC (EDS) is the master distributor in the Northeast region for Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction (CASPR) products. CASPR Technologies is a leader in smart environmental indoor technology for healthcare and other spaces. Their solutions work to ensure the air we breathe is the healthiest it can be. This in turn enhances well-being and performance.

I personally have never been through an exercise of this nature. It became quite clear that The Bid Lab has. I greatly appreciated your collective resilience when challenges evolved. Whether at the beginning or during the week (or less) we had to prepare the bid, you never took a defensive stance. Unlike so many organizations that get their hackles up before embracing the topic, I personally never felt anything but a willingness to work the issue as a team. I think this is rare. You should be proud of the way your team responded.”  

Mark Boeing
Business Development


  • The Bid Lab collaborated with EDS for the first time to complete a winning government bid on a very tight deadline.
  • Managed multiple teams, including over ten (10) individuals across different organizations, ensuring all tasks were complete and objectives were met.
  • Oversaw the entire project including research, compliance, first pass, original writing, editing and proofing, design, submission and more.
  • Developed high-quality and compelling content to reuse for future bids, and wins!

Key Stats

The Challenge

EDS found a perfect government bid opportunity to provide air purification and disinfecting systems for a State transit authority department. A great fit, since EDS is a master distributor in the region for CASPR products. Consequently, they knew their organization could leverage CASPR’s robust history and smart purification and disinfection technology to gain the transit authority’s attention.

However, an initial review of the RFP overwhelmed the EDS team. To begin with, the State required 100+ pages of technical specifications for submission. Furthermore, the RFP required the technical response to fit within only twenty (20) pages! Ultimately, EDS found themselves short on resources available to create a compliant and fully responsive bid within only a five (5)-day lead time.

Since CASPR products are some of the best and most advanced in their industry, EDS knew their proposal could be competitive. Yet, to fully capitalize on the opportunity the CASPR technology deserved, EDS needed additional support and expertise to submit a competitive bid. 

The Solution

EDS approached The Bid Lab with the RFP in scope and asked us to help navigate the challenges they were facing. As a result, our team sprang into action, implementing our one-of-a-kind RFP response management solution.  

Due to the nature of the engagement between EDS and CASPR, The Bid Lab’s experts organized the detailed specifics of their business partnership within the RFP response. This required cooperation and management of deliverables across multiple teams. So, we coordinated among more than ten (10) individuals from both organizations to ensure all tasks were completed and objectives were met within the tight time frame. 

After that, the proposal required exceptional writing and editing support. This was necessary to keep the technical specification section to the twenty (20)-page limit. Yet, the goal was to still provide a fully compliant and compelling response. To that end, we used an innovative and thoughtful deployment of graphics. This helped visually convey the level of technology and services that EDS and CASPR would deliver.

Within five (5) days, The Bid Lab submitted a compliant and persuasive bid. Thus, we met and exceeded initial expectations for what the proposal could accomplish. 

I was blown away by how your team could take over 100 pages of information and requirements and edit it all down to 20. Along with completing it within the strict time restraints. Our company continues to be impressed by the professionalism The Bid Lab exudes. You made this process a positive one. We look forward to doing it again as part of our business growth plan.

Mark Boeing
Business Development

The Results of the Engagement

This effective, polished and well-designed content, resulting from our innovative bid management processes, had an immediate and positive impact. Environmental Disinfection Solutions’ choice to collaborate with The Bid Lab for the first time resulted in winning the State government’s bid!

In addition, EDS/CASPR can now draw upon high-quality, curated content. What’s more, they can reuse this content for future bids, setting them up for more clean sweeps! Above all, The Bid Lab’s ongoing collaboration with EDS is continuing to impact their contract successes. Our Bid Finders are actively filtering more opportunities for EDS to pursue to keep growing their business, which makes us all breathe a little easier.

Interested in Working Together?

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