UDR Consulting, Inc 

UDR Consulting Inc and The Bid Lab work together to bolster bids and proposals in the staff augumentation industry.
UDR Consulting, Inc
  • Service: Bid Manager
  • Industry: Staff Augmentation
  • Location: North August, South Carolina

Bio: UDR Consulting, Inc. (link) has over 12 years of experience providing 300+ highly skilled technical candidates with high-level clearances and credentials to government agencies and projects. Founded in 2012, UDR was named the 2018 Protégée of the Year recipient from the DOE Small Business Awards Program. UDR Consulting has gained a reputation in the marketplace as a go-to agency for recruiting, professional training, and staffing augmentation. So, that makes UDR the experts when it comes to looking for help!

“There’s never been a better partner than The Bid Lab. As soon as we began working together, they were able to help us sort out the requirements in both the technical and commercial proposals. At UDR, we knew we were working with proposal experts as soon as the project kicked off. And by “kicked off” I mean that they helped us launch a project that turned into a winning bid!”

-Rhonda Wheeler, Owner/President, UDR Consulting Inc.

UDR Consulting Overview

  • Created new content for use in current and future bid proposals
  • First-time collaboration
  • Technical proposal was 36 pages, and the commercial proposal was 91 pages, totaling 123 total pages
  • Total of 53 hours to complete the entire bid process
  • Won first-ever proposal!

The Challenge

For this bid, UDR Consulting needed to develop a detailed technical proposal of 36 pages and a comprehensive commercial proposal of 91 pages. Coordinating and integrating these two (2) components within the overall 123-page proposal demanded expertise in project management. Luckily, The Bid Lab is an all-purpose proposal management and consultation firm, so we were ready to step in and help!

The Solution

UDR Consulting collaborated closely with The Bid Lab throughout the proposal development process. So, we worked together to ensure the integration of all technical and commercial aspects of the proposal. 

When a golden partnership presents itself, things just click! So, with clear communication and a well-defined timeline, we were able to establish an efficient workflow that gave every detail the attention and time that the proposal process deserved. Our team carefully reviewed the proposal for accuracy and consistency, pinpointing areas for improvement to maximize its potential for success. We created new documentation while leveraging existing branding and content to fill in any gaps. Therefore, when we were ready to submit, we knew what to do. We rounded up and verified a long checklist of dos and don’ts to make sure our content was credible, professional, and most importantly, compliant.

Wondering how our collaborative bid process turned out? We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the turnaround was such a success that we decided to write a case study. What can we say? A staff augmentation company knows how to best augment its own staff!

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The Results of the Engagement

The Bid Lab successfully delivered a UDR Consulting bid that fully complied with the requirements and, even better, was within the estimated budget. Our proposal met the complex two (2)-in-one (1) specifications outlined in the RFP, resulting in a successful win. The professional document featured a clear design and presented information in a straightforward, easily digestible proposal.

As the winning bid, the results of our collaboration certainly impressed the evaluation committee! Now, UDR has a lucrative contract as well as a valuable asset for future bids.

Of course, they also have the support of our writing team should they require assistance in the future.

Win Like UDR Consulting With Partners Like The Bid Lab

With The Bid Lab, any staff augmentation bid, like the UDR Consulting bid, is in capable hands. So, when leveraging the expertise of our industry professionals, we can create compelling proposals that can impress even the most hardened evaluation committees.

Industry solicitations for technical services or products require highly detailed information from interested vendors. We worked with UDR to develop a responsive bid. For real-world success stories, also check out our case studies page. We’ve also got plenty of practical how-to articles in our Learning Center.

So, what’s the bottom line? Well, we can help you design a competitive proposal that maximizes the potential of your staffing augmentation bid. Now, reach out to The Bid Lab for a free consultation today! You can also give us a call at 1-844-4BIDLAB or email respond@thebidlab.com.