First Choice Nurses

First Choice Nurses Healthcare Case Study

Client: First Choice Nurses

Service: Bid Manager

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Company Bio: As a value-driven organization, First Choice Nurses offers the highest quality services for every patient entrusted to their care. Founded in 2011, First Choice Nurses provides qualified and caring medical staff experienced in their chosen disciplines and specialty fields. Clients appreciate the integrity, dependability, and productivity of the compassionate and hardworking nurses at First Choice Nurses.

“Procurement. Design. Tutorials. What more can we say other than ‘WOW!’? The Bid Lab does it all!” 

First Choice Nurses

First Choice Nurses Overview

  • Won the first bid submitted with The Bid Lab
  • Reduced bid preparation work hours by 50% 
  • Created a new design template using existing branding– complete with custom graphics
  • Conducted virtual training on the procurement portal submission processes for future bid submissions

Key Stats 

The Challenge

Founded in 2011, First Choice Nurses is proud of its holistic approach to staffing and its history of providing a comprehensive, high-quality, cost-effective Virginia healthcare solution. Consequently, First Choice Nurses knew they could deliver excellent part-time or full-time registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to any facility in Virginia. However, soon after expanding their services and taking on the procurement process, they realized their documents might need extra TLC.

No one on earth knows more about the healthcare industry in Virginia than First Choice Nurses– and no one knows more about the procurement industry than the RFP writing experts at The Bid Lab. That’s when First Choice Nurses decided to team up with The Bid Lab for a healthcare procurement collaboration. 

The Solution

The Bid Lab’s expert team of procurement professionals met with key stakeholders at First Choice Nurses. After learning about their services and goals, we knew we could help the company develop a long-term strategy to pursue viable bidding opportunities. So, our researchers and writers sat down with their leadership to review viable RFPs within geographic service zones. Together, we sifted through high-priority bid opportunities within advantageous service areas. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before we had identified the right opportunity. 

From there, The Bid Lab got to the heart of the bidding process and reviewed every inch of every document included in the opportunity. We began drafting and designing custom content for their company without missing a beat. With input from our clients, we developed a competitive response explaining what made them the vendor of choice. The result? A slick business proposal with visually exciting branding. 

First Choice Nurses won the bid and landed a lucrative contract that will help their business grow. What can we say? As RFP experts, we always have our finger on the pulse of healthcare procurements. 

Working with The Bid Lab was just what the RFP document doctor ordered. 

“Working with The Bid Lab was the right choice for First Choice Nurses. These sunny procurement experts worked with us from Day 1. Trust the process– we did, and guess what? We won the bid! We’re pleased with their work and know others will be, too.”

First Choice Nurses

The Results of the Engagement

Just as they set the gold standard in healthcare services, our collaboration paid off: we won the first RFP!

First Choice Nurses was so delighted with the results that they came to us again and again! By the third RFP, we were completing the process in half the time (literally!). Additionally, with a 50% reduction in preparing responses, First Choice Nurses spent fewer hours working through bureaucracy. So, the company gained 50% more time to focus on their patients and facilities. 

Not only did we win our first collaboration, but our clients also had a working template, complete with a custom design based on their branding and graphics, to use for future solicitations. Additionally, our experts at The Bid Lab even walked their team through a virtual bid submission tutorial. So, First Choice Nurses is set to keep submitting bids for years to come. At The Bid Lab, we pull out all the stops to ensure our clients are successful for a long and prosperous future.

Want to Win a Healthcare Bid Like First Choice Nurses?

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