Bergen Community College Television Studio Bid

television studio bid

The Office of the Director of Purchasing and Services, Bergen Community College is currently accepting sealed bids for the purchase of a television studio set. The respondent is responsible for the custom fabrication, assembly and delivery of the theatrical/television stage set as per the requirements of this television studio bid.

The install must include an 8′ tall, two-walled studio set as per approved design art rendering included with specified measurements. Additionally, the set must include camera left 12’ wide wall featuring a large color changing graphic light box surrounded by vertical columns, header and footer. Further, the 17’ wide larger center wall should feature a large central raised wood panel with a wall-mounted monitor. There will be two color changing graphic light boxes to the right and left of this with a similar surrounding surface. Assembly of all elements as listed above must take place on premises.

Also, the bidding vendor must provide a rolling broadcast desk, semi-circular/arc-shaped with flat front providing mounting space for a video monitor. For the laminate facing style/color, it should match the set color as seen in the included renderings. Further, the desk will also have a monitor on the front face. The desktop should be black matte laminate for a non-reflective and scratch resistant surface for the purposes of this television studio bid.

If you’re interested in this television studio bid, include construction materials, fabrication labor, and delivery in the pricing of your bid. Please note that delivery must include onsite assembly and bids are due back by June 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM. For more bids from Bergen County Community College, check out their open opportunities by clicking here.

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