Boston K-12 Outdoor Recreational Program RFP

Boston Public Schools (BPS) is seeking a partner to provide outdoor recreational learning. We are looking for a vendor with a strong commitment to providing engaging, inclusive, and safe outdoor experiences that complement our in-school experiences.

Scope of Work

The ideal partner will offer a diverse range of activities, such as nature hikes, skill-building workshops, and community projects while prioritizing student safety, environmental stewardship, and accessibility. This partnership presents an opportunity to enrich students’ lives, promote physical and mental well-being, and instill a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors. Outdoor recreational partners will be available throughout all Boston Public School regions and grade-levels 1 throughout the school year.

Vendors should also be sure to agree to the following:

BPS has the following goals:

  • Increased access to educational enhancement opportunities.
  • Improve student physical and mental health.
  • Improved social-emotional wellness of students who participate in outdoor recreational programming.

View the full RFP on the City of Boston website.

Submission Information

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is due at 12:00pm on Wednesday June 14, 2024.

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