Buffalo Texas Design Concept Development RFP

Buffalo Bayou East Design Concept Development will aim to improve bike and pedestrian safety, connectivity and accessibility. They are looking to enhance the multimodal transportation network in the project area. H-GAC is seeking a qualified contractor to examine the existing conditions of bike and pedestrian facilities, identify barriers, issues, and gaps. The looking for that contractor to also identify physical and non-physical improvements to enhance the active transportation level of service in the study area.

Scope of Work

Buffalo Bayou Partnership led an initiative with several local stakeholders to identify key links in the area to improve mobility. Also, this project will evaluate those connections in a more in-depth manner based on the existing conditions analysis and a public involvement process supporting final recommendations. Consequently, the pre-identified connections include three sections for development: Gregg/Velasco, 5th Ward TOD and Japhet Creek, and North Side Treatment Plant East Trail connection. Altogether the pre-identified routes will be used as a reference to connect the points of interest but not for engineering alignment

Accordingly, primary efforts should be geared towards improving bike and pedestrian safety, connectivity, and accessibility outside the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) area.

The contractor is to collect any data necessary to evaluate existing conditions in the development project study area and identify barriers located within and adjacent to it. Please note, some data may be available from the H-GAC Data Analytics department and that the Contractor will coordinate with H-GAC to make use of existing H-GAC data prior to using outside sources. The existing conditions assessment will include, but not be limited to:

  • Existing characteristics of the project area including demographics profile, land use, Vulnerable
    Population Index using H-GAC’s equity tool, daytime population component, public health data,
    recreational and other behavior patterns if available.
  • Existing conditions, level of service, and inventory of bike and pedestrian facilities in the development.
  • Pedestrian activities count patterns and locations.
  • Crash data and map, differentiated by type of crash.
  • Current and future transit access (include rail and Bus Rapid Transit lines, if any).

View the full RFP on the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is 12:00pm on August 17, 2023.

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