California Window Replacement RFP

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection is seeking a contractor to provide window replacement service.

Scope of Work

The contractor shall provide all materials, labor, equipment, tools, permits, taxes, transportation, and fees to complete the demolition, removal, and replacement of 19 windows on the Bachelors Officer Quarters (BOQ) at Valley View Fire Center. Additionally, other tasks required but not limited to:

  • Demolition of all windows and associated trim and siding necessary to prepare for new window installation.
  • Also, all window openings are to be flashed with bituthene or equivalent product and be waterproofed.
  • Additionally, all windows are approximately 47 inches by 39.5 inches (47” x 39.5″). Also, the contractor shall measure each window at the start of the Agreement for the exact measurements required for each window.
  • Replacement windows are to be white vinyl, dual pane, flanged, with screen, Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) approved and meet current codes. New windows are to match existing windows by dimension, optical clarity, and operation.
  • Accordingly, any shear nailing that is removed during siding removal is to be re-nailed in the same as the existing layout.
  • Windows are to be exterior trimmed to match existing design and dimensions, and waterproof caulked to the siding.
  • Additionally, all windows are to be installed using the manufacturer’s recommended process and industry standard procedures.

View the full RFP on the State of California Website.

Submission Information

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is 3:00pm PST on December 14, 2023.

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