Clay County, Florida Tourism Content Development RFP

The Clay County Board of County Commissioners is seeking a qualified Content Developer to amplify the visibility and desirability of Clay County, FL. Through the development of compelling, informative content, the chosen Content Developer will effectively spotlight the distinctive visitor experiences and attractions available in Clay County. Accordingly, the goal is to stimulate tourism and nurture community engagement.

Scope of Work

The selected Content Developer will undertake the creation of multiple pieces of original content on a monthly basis. This content will encompass diverse topics pertaining to the allure of Clay County, FL. Accordingly, showcasing unique visitor experiences, activities, and noteworthy events that appeal to tourists and residents alike. These narratives will be disseminated through various strategic channels, including, but not limited to:

Blog Posts on

Deliver a minimum of four high-quality, engaging blog posts each month on These posts will delve deep into the diverse array of attractions and activities that Clay County has to offer. Also, showcases its unique charm and highlights hidden gems.

Local Industry Newsletter:

Initiate quarterly newsletters targeted at local industry stakeholders, providing them with insightful updates, trends, and news relevant to their businesses. While gradually transitioning to a monthly distribution schedule to ensure timely and valuable information dissemination.

Consumer Tourism Newsletter:

Launch quarterly newsletters tailored to potential visitors, offering captivating insights into the allure of Clay County as a tourism destination. While these over time, shift to a monthly distribution schedule to sustain interest and engagement among prospective travelers.

Visitor Guide:

Produce two comprehensive editions of the Visitor Guide in collaboration with Clay Today and an in-house version. These guides will serve as indispensable resources. Accordingly, we want to showcase the best of Clay County’s attractions, dining options, accommodations, and more, to enhance the visitor experience.

Monthly VISIT FLORIDA Content Requests:

Consistently fulfill monthly content requests from VISIT FLORIDA, meticulously crafting compelling articles and features that highlight Clay County’s distinct offerings. These pieces will spotlight key attractions, events, and experiences, enticing travelers to explore the region further.

Industry Association Content Requests:

Promptly respond to content requests from esteemed industry associations. Tailor the content to align with their specific needs and objectives, amplifying Clay County’s presence within the broader tourism landscape.

Social Media Management:

Skillfully curate and draft daily social media posts. We want post that resonate with the target audience, showcasing Clay County’s vibrant culture, natural beauty, and exciting activities. Also, each post will be meticulously reviewed and scheduled to ensure consistency and alignment with overarching content themes and initiatives.

Media Outreach:

Proactively pitch captivating content and story ideas to a diverse range of publications and media outlets. Also, leveraging strategic partnerships to amplify Clay County’s visibility and coverage. These efforts will help position the destination as a must-visit locale. While also garnering widespread attention and interest from travelers and media alike.

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Submission Information

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is due at 4:00pm EST on Tuesday April 22, 2024

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