Colorado OADC Website Development and Design RFI

The OADC seeks to update and improve its online presence by creating a new website utilizing an intuitive website-building platform. The goal is to make the site more accessible and informative to the public and provide a more user-friendly experience for the OADC’s 1,500+ contractors who access the website for necessary information.

This procurement presents an opportunity to reimagine the user experience and introduce innovative features that align with the OADC’s evolving needs and objectives. The OADC aims to improve accessibility and inclusivity as well as user engagement. The vendor will develop the website to maximize customer satisfaction while growing its capabilities to cater to the intended audience. 

Scope of Work

The project encompasses a comprehensive approach over multiple phases and considerations. Beginning with the analysis phase, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the requirements and objectives to lay a solid foundation.

Design and Development

During the design phase, meticulous attention must be given to aligning the project’s conceptualization, wireframing, and interface design with its overarching goals and needs. The subsequent development phase must involve detailed planning and execution to bring the design concepts to life, integrate necessary functionalities, and ensure seamless operation. Content integration, including reimagining the e-library content library of 12,000+ articles, is important in enriching the project with relevant information and aligning it with the overall design aesthetics. User experience is of the utmost importance to OADC.


Additionally, accessibility requirements are paramount, mandating compliance with ADA, WCAG 2.2 AA, and Colorado guidelines. This is to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all users. To enhance user engagement, the new website must implement robust user management tools, media integration features, and content-sharing capabilities.

Responsiveness and Optimization

Furthermore, emphasis will be placed on browser-based and mobile device administration, responsive design principles, and seamless system integration. The website is to cater to diverse user preferences and technological landscapes. Site optimization strategies, robust keywords, and site search functionalities are required to enhance discoverability and user satisfaction. 

Also, attention to detail in the site design should encompass responsive layouts, intuitive navigation structures, and seamless branding integration. We want to foster a cohesive and immersive user experience. Accordingly, system integration efforts must ensure seamless interaction with essential tools such as CRM platforms and analytics systems.

Content Strategy and Support

Additionally, a well-defined content strategy must encompass migration, optimization, and organization of existing content. This strategy should meet the specific requirements of the OADC. Security measures, legal compliance frameworks, and robust hosting solutions with disaster recovery plans are required to protect data integrity and user privacy.

Ongoing product support, maintenance, and continuous improvement initiatives are required to sustain the effectiveness and relevance of this project over time. Additionally, we want to encourage a dynamic evolution of the project to meet its stakeholders’ changing needs and expectations. These will be accomplished through comprehensive training programs and continuous user feedback mechanisms.

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Submission Information

Lastly, the deadline to submit proposals is due at 3:00pm MDT on Friday April 26, 2024

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