Evaluating plagiarism detection tools: your feedback needed at OHIO

The academic landscape is continuously evolving, and so are the tools that support academic integrity.

Ohio University has relied on Turnitin for the past eight years as the primary plagiarism detection tool, while Blackboard offered SafeAssign as an alternative solution. With the transition to Canvas and the changing needs of OHIO’s academic programs, it’s time to reassess the University’s approach to plagiarism detection. 

To this end, the Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) is launching an evaluation project to review and determine the best-suited technology or technologies for OHIO’s future needs. This project, initiated through a Request for Proposal (RFP), aims to gather comprehensive insights from the OHIO community to make an informed decision.

Your role and how you can help 

OIT believes that the insights and experiences of OHIO’s students, faculty and academic staff are invaluable in this evaluation process. Your feedback will directly influence the selection of the most effective and user-friendly plagiarism detection tools for OHIO. 

Students, faculty and staff to share their feedback, needs and ideas by participating in a brief survey. Survey responses will help shape the direction of OHIO’s evaluation and ensure that the selected tools meet the diverse needs of our academic community.

View the survey here. It needs to be filled out by June 3, 2024.

Next steps 

The results of the survey will be published, providing transparency and insight into the feedback received from the OHIO community. Following this, a formal RFP Committee will be established by July of this year to lead the detailed evaluation and selection process. 

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