Waukesha, Wisconsin Public Art RFP

A picture of public art

The City of Waukesha, Wisconsin released an RFP for artists to create an original public art piece. The artwork will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the City. Through fundraising efforts, the City collected enough money to subsequently set a budget range for this project of $8,800-$10,000. The Public Art Committee, in collaboration with city staff, identified three (3) possible locations where the art piece will subsequently be displayed. These locations were selected because of their high visibility to the public.

Waukesha has a proud history of public art, which continues to grow. The City offers a public art walking tour during specific events that highlights approximately 20 art pieces around downtown. Downtown Waukesha is also a hub for local artists. Waukesha’s downtown area has a long and rich history as an incubator for local artists. Additionally, the downtown area has a highly sought-after inventory of gallery, teaching and studio spaces. The West End Artist Association organizes art crawls five (5) times a year. These well-attended events have been occurring since 1997.

Project Scope

The Public Art Committee encourages artists, or others with similar skill sets, to submit design proposals for one (1) or all of the locations. Any submitted art pieces must be original and able to withstand the elements. If submitting for an outdoor site, make sure the artwork is especially durable. Multiple persons/agencies/companies may submit a collaborative proposal. Furthermore, if a joint proposal is made, the team should clearly list one (1) person to serve as the main contact for the proposal.

Public Art Locations

City Hall Wall: The wall is on the east side of the New City Hall. This space has visibility from Delafield Street. The piece will need to use the wall as part of the art display.

City Hall Planting Beds: The storm water area is located on the east side of the building adjacent to planting beds which provide location opportunities. The piece would have high visibility to the public traveling along Delafield Street.

Lobby of City Hall: This space is in the lobby of the new City Hall, specifically next to the Council Chambers and Municipal Court. The art piece would be visible to anyone walking into City Hall. This location is able to provide natural sunlight, and the size of the space maximizes the potential for a large piece.

To view the full public art RFP visit: City of Waukesha Official Site.

Submission Information

Responses must be submitted via email or an electronic cloud-based storage format (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.). PDFs, access link(s) and any password(s) for password protected folder(s)/file(s) in the cloud storage should be emailed to rgrams@waukesha-wi.gov. The email subject should read as follows: “RFP City of Waukesha 125th Art Piece– company name”. The deadline for submissions is October 24, 2022 4:00 PM (CST).

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