Remote Work Hub RFP for Common


Common, a community-driven residential brand, has announced a request for proposals (RFP) for their Remote Work Hub. For the project, it is selecting a website to be the first to address the effects of COVID-19 on the distributed workforce and the barriers to remote work. Common will choose the site that is most accommodating to individuals working from home.

With the government issuing lockdowns in March and April 2020 in response to COVID-19, employers have had to coordinate a distributed workforce, resorting to a learn-as-you-go approach. Employees who were working in offices in high-rent cities are now looking to move to smaller cities. This provides an opportunity for these more sparsely-populated areas to see growth from a tech-driven workforce. Common’s goal in creating a Remote Work Hub is to develop a new product for the changing residential landscape and attract talent to cities that had previously experienced low economic growth.

Submission Timeline

For questions regarding this Remote Work Hub RFP, please email Molly Graizzaro at Both public and private sector groups are encouraged to apply and attend the informational session on September 2nd. Initial questions are due in September 2020, with two stages of selection following the first round of questions. An expert jury will assist in selecting a winner in January 2021.

To view the full RFP and an overview of the Remote Work Hub, visit Common’s website.


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