The Restorative City RFP

Featured Bid - Restorative City RFP
Featured Bid - Restorative City RFP

Every three years, The Design Trust for Public Space launches a new request for proposals (RFP) soliciting project ideas to address a key public space concern in New York City. Enhancing each project the organization conducts extensive community outreach and engagement to further ensure alignment with community interests and needs. This year’s project theme, The Restorative City, is designated towards:

“Exploring how public space and the built environment can be used as a tool to advance health equity, a concept which means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.”

NYC community groups, non-profits, design firms, advocates, activists, public agencies, and individuals across the five boroughs are all welcome to apply. The Design Trust supports projects that seek to influence public policy, design practice, or development decisions to bring about city-wide changes. Specifically, solutions should speak to:

  • Demonstrate the impact of the built environment and design on public health
  • Elevate health equity as a priority for public policy and design
  • Empower communities, especially those that have been historically disenfranchised by public policy, to become active participants in this process

The Design Trust believes that in order for communities to be healthier, they must build stronger and safer shared spaces. This includes public spaces as parks, transportation, schools, and housing. Further, proposals should provide an opportunity for investments and innovation in communities of need – and direct resources to those in need.

80% of health outcomes depend on our physical environment and socio-economic factors. The world and people around us shape our wellbeing. – The Design Trust

To learn more about the Design Trust for Public Space organization and reach, visit their website at

Important Dates

As part of the first round, all interested parties must complete the Statement of Interest form by May 24th at 5pm EST.

Following, The Design Trust will choose vendors to move onto the next round of the selection process. As part of the full proposal requirements, respondents must prepare to submit:

  • a Project abstract
  • a Project description
  • the Budget and resource information
  • a Schedule
  • Letters of support

In addition to proposal requirements, parties will have the opportunity meet with The Design Trust team to discuss proposal guidelines and project scope.

To find out more about this year’s overall project visit The Restorative City: Building Community Wellness through Public Space RFP.

Interested in Working Together?

Finally, learn more about this NYC community space development opportunity with help from The Bid Lab! We will gladly review the Statement of Interest, The Restorative City RFP, as well as the evaluation criteria with you and your team. Our experience will then guide your way through the entire RFP response process. So, Contact us today to see how we can make your experience a positive and informative one!