Website Strategy and Design RFP in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Design RFP

The Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments (MetroCOG) is accepting proposals from interested and qualified web design and digital advertising/marketing consultants to plan, design, develop and market a comprehensive regional economic development website for the Greater Bridgeport Region. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is a multitasking project. MetroCOG will work cooperatively with the selected consultant throughout the project on all tasks and may perform some work assignments.

The Website

MetroCOG is seeking to create a comprehensive, interactive online presence that provides a variety of economic development resources. This includes data, contact information, virtual presentations, entrepreneurial outreach and education, and links to legal, regulatory, financial, and public health resources. Additionally, given the influx of residents and businesses to the region due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the website should also focus on the region’s key industry sectors, quality of life. This includes investment opportunities, educational institutions, and other economic opportunities to leverage those assets.

The contractor should ensure the design of the economic development website is well organized. Moreover, it should be easy for small businesses and entrepreneurs, residents, municipalities and other stakeholders to navigate. A robust ‘partners’ area of the website should connect all the existing participants in the regional economic development process. This is critical for ensuring that the regional website does not become overly cumbersome with information.

View the full RFP by visiting the MetroCOG Official Website.

Proposal Information

Prospective firms should submit responses in two parts: (1) Letter of Interest and (2) Technical Response.

  1. Altogether, the Letter of Interest must specify the following:
    • Name and address of the consultant.
    • General information on the consultant and any proposed sub-consultants.
    • Name, title, e-mail, and telephone number of the authorized individual.
    • The name, title, e-mail, and telephone number of the individual MetroCOG should contact regarding questions and clarifications.
    • Finally, a statement that the consultant’s proposal will remain in effect for ninety (90) days after acceptance of the proposal.
  2. Additionally, the Technical Response must contain a description of the consultant’s proposed approach to the project, with specific attention to:
    • Project understanding and approach to Scope of Work (Schedule A)
    • Recommendations to improve/support the Scope of Services
    • Description and status of comparable project experience
    • Description of any special services required
    • Name and services for any subcontractors with a description of the level of previous working
    • Name and purpose of intended Small Business, Minority Business or Women Business Enterprises (if applicable)
    • Project schedule and timeline.
    • Resume of key personnel proposed to work on the assignment with emphasis on relevant experience.
    • Detailed organizational chart.
    • Three references from comparable types of projects completed in the last five (5) years. Accordingly, include project names and locations, and give the name of primary client contacts and their contact information, including email addresses and telephone numbers.
    • Indicate the role of your firm in each project and each project’s cost and date of completion.
    • Pertinent examples of related work prepared and designed by the consultant.
    • Further, please provide a fee schedule.

Submission Information

Once The Letter of Interest and The Technical Proposal are complete, each consultant should submit three (3) paper copies and one (1) digital copy of their proposal in a sealed envelope. On the outside of the envelope, please list the name of each firm, full address, name of the project for which the proposal you are submitting, and the date and time the proposal is due. If mailing the proposal, please enclose in an additional envelope addressed to the following:
Mrs. Colleen Kelleher
Finance Director
Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments
1000 Lafayette Boulevard, Suite 925
Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604

Most importantly, MetCOG will accept proposals no later than 3:00 pm on Friday, September 30th, 2022. Proposals received after the date and time shall not be considered.

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