Zero Emission Maritime Buyers Alliance Zero-Emission Shipping RFP

The Zero Emission Maritime Buyers Alliance (ZEMBA) announced a Request for Proposals for 600,000 20-foot containers (TEUs) over a 3-year period on ocean vessels powered by zero-emission fuels.


The mission of ZEMBA is to speed up the commercial launch of zero-emission shipping. ZEMBA hopes to do this by pulling companies’ collective buying power to drive the zero-emission vessel market. Then realize the push of zero-emission ocean shipping by 2040.

The Ship It Zero coalition commends Amazon, IKEA, Patagonia, and the Aspen Institute for this leadership move to make the shift of shipping decarbonization a reality and to quicken the movement towards a zero-emission future for shipping.

Scope of Work

The first RFP which is being issued this month calls for 600,000 TEU with ample size from the carriers to cover added demand for 6,000 oceanic miles over three years. Additionally, ZEMBA will work out a deal for a “green premium” for the total demand of its members. Also, the green premium accounts for the added cost of operating a vessel using zero-emission fuels. 

The fuels to be used to provide the shipping services must achieve at least a 90 percent reduction well to wake in emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels. Also, the fuels shall be derived from sustainable and/or waste, residual, or byproduct feedstock sources including hydrogen and captured CO2. Also, it must come from transparent sources to provide for independent verification.

Learn more here: Amazon, Ikea and Other Consumer Brands Issue RFP for Zero-Emission Shipping

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