Why You Need an RFP Writer

Why you need an RFP writer

Your organization needs to build a new website, and you’ve been chosen to spearhead the project. Fantastic! Now, it’s time to build a Request for Proposal (RFP) – and of course, you’ve never done this before! But wait, what’s an RFP? Because now we need to construct a winning one. So where do you look for help? You need an RFP writer!

Don’t fear. The Bid Lab is here!

Do RFPs Need an RFP Writer?

An RFP is a document written by an organization describing its need to buy a particular product or service. Qualified or relevant vendors hoping to expand their business or services often submit bids in response to the RFP.

So it’s essentially a formal way to post a “Help Wanted” ad. RFPs allow you to evaluate all qualified vendors in a fair, comprehensive and organized manner. It’s definitely a more arduous process… so why should you do it?

Is it Necessary to Write a Proposal? Yes.

You may be asking yourself why you should go to the trouble of writing an RFP. So yes, maybe you could simply hire your best friend’s company to build the website. Or, you could just Google “best website company” and ask them to show you why they’re the best vendor for the job. But, by doing so, you won’t be able to effectively compare each vendor against one another. Nor will you be able to ensure your objectivity or guarantee what you’re being sold is legally binding.

Building a new website is a big deal, and you want to make certain you’ve done your due diligence. Writing an RFP will ensure that your chosen vendor:

  • Share your values and culture
  • Has expertise with your technology
  • Has experience with your type of organization
  • Builds trust through communication and collaboration
  • Can provide  evidence of past client success
  • Truly understands your needs and expectations
  • Plus, anything and everything else you want to know

Responding to your RFP gives you a holistic understanding of which provider is the right choice for you. Of course, you’ll have done the hard work in the beginning, saving you time and effort throughout the RFP process. So, don’t roll the dice. Write an RFP and know what you’re getting.

Need help writing an RFP Executive Summary

Is it Difficult to Write a Proposal? No.

The writing itself is not the tough part. It’s difficult to know what to include in your RFP, and it can be challenging to write the RFP in a way that entices vendors to respond. Keep this in mind as we review a list of sections that are commonly included in RFPs:

  • Requirements: A listing of technical, functional and business requirements that your organization wants this new website to meet, and/or exceed.
  • Problems: An overview of the current situation, such as the features your current website lacks and the deficiencies they have caused your organization.
  • Vision: A summary of how your organization plans to grow or evolve in the next one to five years and how a new website is paramount to this vision.

At The Bid Lab, we work with clients who don’t have the time, resources, or experience to manage, write and build their bids for vendors. There can definitely be challenges when writing a winning RFP for your organization. Fortunately, we’re experts on both sides of the equation: how to write an RFP and how to respond to an RFP. We’re also responsible for Bid Banana, the user-friendly RFP search engine. So, bids and RFPs are our business – all day, every day. Reach out to us for a free consultation by calling 1-844-4BIDLAB or emailing respond@thebidlab.com.