Bid Finder

RFP Finder for leads that are stress-free and high-quality, every time.

What We Do

What We Do

Let our team of dedicated RFP finders actively search, find, and present bidding opportunities to make your business grow. With extensive experience with bid databases, we can find RFP leads to expand your pipeline. Unlike other services that simply match keywords to bid opportunities, our RFP finder service has real humans sifting through opportunities to deliver you only the best bids. Don’t waste your time going through bids, let us take care of that.

Why Us

Why Us

Quality over Quantity. Using our custom Bid Finder company profile questionnaire, we eliminate opportunities you aren’t eligible for or wouldn’t be interested in.

Save Time. We don’t just match your products/services with keywords. Our team sifts through all the opportunities that match your business so you don’t have to.

Bid to Win. By staying focused on the best bids for your business, you’ll find yourself winning more often.

Complimentary. Did we mention this is a free service if you are a Bid Manager client? Inquire for more information.

The Bid Lab’s Services Include

  • Weekly Bid Finder Report

  • Human Database Analyst

  • Eligibility Verification

What Our Clients Say

Working on RFPs can be stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming but I never felt alone or lost because The Bid Lab was there every step of the way.
I couldn’t believe I actually looked forward to my calls with The Bid Lab - bids aren’t exactly fun to work on but somehow The Bid Lab made the experience a positive one.
Partnering with The Bid Lab isn’t like dealing with other vendors - they are proactive, prompt, and professional in all of our work and communication.

How We Price

We offer Bid Finder as a standalone service with a retainer payment model or we provide our Bid Finder service complimentary for our Bid Manager clients. If you are interested in only Bid Finder services, please make sure to indicate that below.