Bedford County Master Park Plan RFP


In this week’s Featured Bid, learn about Bedford County and the County’s Request for Proposal (RFP) for qualified respondents to create a Master Park Plan.

About Bedford County

Bedford County holds confidence parks, open spaces, and recreation facilities contribute to the health of the community. This use of space enhances the integrity and quality of the natural environment and attracts visitors to the community, thereby contributing to local tourism and economic development.

The County has three (3) large regional parks and two (2) smaller parks. Moreover, these facilities offers a variety of amenities including trails, athletic facilities, disc golf courses, playgrounds, and shelters.

The next section delivers Bedford County’s motivation to publish their Master Park Plan RFP.

About Bedford County’s Master Park Plan RFP

In an effort to optimize Bedford County’s existing parks and recreation resources and assets, the County is interested in preparing a Master Park Plan.

Firstly, the County desires to properly maintain, develop, and identify areas in need. Secondly, the County seeks recommendations about the park property. This way, recommendations are dedicated to programs and facilities that are desired by and will be utilized by citizens.

It is important to keep in mind the RFP will be evaluated based on the following content of the proposal:

  • Team qualifications
  • Comprehensiveness and organization of proposal
  • Technical approach and methodology
  • Cost
  • Innovation
  • References from similar communities

Therefore, it is highly recommend respondents review all of the proposal details and requirements through the full RFP here.

Key Drivers

The Key Drivers to create a Master Park Plan is based on the many resources and assets of Bedford County. In this section, we describe the County’s park land abundance.

Evidently, the County is seven hundred seventy (770) square miles. It owns over six hundred fifty (650) acres of park land. Moreover, the County has greater than forty (40) miles of multi-use trails, one hundred twenty eight (128) holes of disc golf, one (1) skate park, ten (10) baseball/softball fields, and much more.

Consequently, Bedford County Parks and Recreation partners with Bedford County Public Schools and several private groups to maintain leased facilities. This means a year-round of activity for youth and even adult based community programs. The facilities include spaces which promote team-based sports such as baseball or softball, soccer, and football.

Based on this information, there are plenty of methods respondents can define to answer the need for a Master Park Plan in order to strategically plan for great impact for Bedford County’s future.

Important Submission Information

The Proposal Submission Deadline is June 27, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT.

For any inquiries about the RFP, Wyatt Woody, Parks and Recreation Director, is the point of contact. The questions are to be submitted in writing to his email at Furthermore, all RFP submissions go to his email.

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