Creative Marketing Campaign RFP

This week’s Featured Bid came to The Bid Lab as a direct request from the New York State Broadcasters Association (NYSBA). Read on to learn more about this unique RFP opportunity. If you’re interested in posting a bid opportunity with The Bid Lab, please email for more information.

The NYSBA’s New York Radio Market Committee (NYRMC) is seeking an agency to provide creative advertising or public relations services. The Creative Marketing Campaign RFP outlines how the NYSBA NYRMC wants to “evangelize the superior results and consumer engagement that New York City’s audio brands deliver.”

Winning bids will outline their response to address NYSBA and NYRMC’s overarching project goal, which they state is to:

Create an innovative campaign designed to enhance the visibility of radio as an important component of the Advertisers’ plans to reach consumers.”

RFP Response Requirements

Agencies should create campaigns with “emotional appeal” that target two (2) project phases:

  • Phase 1. Agencies must focus on large and local advertisers and advertising agencies in the NYC metro area. They must create a campaign that demonstrates an emotional appeal with compelling and relevant marketing information about radio. Agencies should prepare to back each campaign with data by testing all messages via an audience. The NYSBA NYRMC wants to support your efforts and will provide valuable industry information such as statistics, reach, frequency, efficacy and more.
  • Phase 2. Agencies must create a campaign that aims at advertisers and agencies that haven’t included radio as part of the media mix with their clients when discussing campaigns. NYSBA NYRMC believes these to be agencies that are likely similar to your own. They believe you “possess the hearts and minds we want to reach and change” and ask you to think about what kind of messaging would encourage you to spend higher ad dollars on radio.

The NYSBA NYRMC indicates a budget of +/- $300,000. However, they ask agencies to be as descriptive as possible when detailing the costs of each proposed element. This is because they’re unsure about how much it will take to implement both phases of the overall project.

To view the complete RFP, please visit the NY Market Radio Committee – Creative Marketing Campaign RFP page here.

Important Submission Information

The deadline to email questions is Friday, December 24, 2021.

NYSBA NYRMC is accepting submissions through Friday, January 21, 2022. All proposals must be submitted via email to the contact details listed in the RFP.

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As we mentioned above, this week’s Featured Bid was a direct submission to The Bid Lab from the New York State Broadcasters Association (NYSBA).

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