Innovation and Improvement Fund RFP

The Oneida County Department of Mental Health (OCDMH) has launched its 2021 Innovation and Improvement Fund RFP. The fund will distribute $600,000 in awards to community organizations for innovative and improvement-oriented projects. Collaborating with groups as the Utica Police Officers and the Neighborhood Center’s Mobile Crisis Awareness Team, the OCDMH, helps to prepare to provide services to the residents who need need them the most, when they need them the most.

The purpose of the RFP is to fund projects in Oneida County that:
  • Address needs in the areas of Mental Health, Substance Use and/or Intellectual/Developmental Disability.
  • Improve the system of behavioral healthcare for patients with Medicaid and/or no insurance.
  • Foster cross-sector collaboration between the behavioral health care sector and CBOs and non-traditional partnerships such as the corrections/judicial and school systems.
  • Decrease unnecessary hospital utilization by Medicaid/uninsured patients.
  • Address local priorities, service gaps, needs and outcomes identified in the Oneida County Department of Mental Health’s Local Services Plan.
  • Address social and behavioral determinants of health and community health needs.
  • Increase primary and preventive service utilization by Medicaid/uninsured patients.
  • Promote collaboration and practices that align with the Oneida County Department of Mental Health’s mission, vision and values.

The RFP requirements are extremely broad and organizations choosing to respond must either be providing the service(s) or be prepared to provide the services to Oneida Country residents. Eligible organizations may submit proposals for either, or both, Innovation or Improvement projects.

  1. Innovation Projects. Defined as not having extensive data or research to demonstrate the efficacy due to novelty, yet services fill a gap or need that exists within the community.
  2. Improvement Projects. Projects must include data to demonstrate efficacy and serves to fill a gap or need that exists within the community.

OCDMH is dedicated to being a leader in the areas of Mental Health, Substance Abuse Recovery, and Developmental Disabilities. Their mission is to promote the quality of life and emotional well-being of people experiencing psychological, developmental or addictive difficulties.

To register and view the complete Innovation and Improvement Fund RFP, visit: The Oneida County Department of Mental Health. Or, reach out to The Bid Lab to source and review the complete RFP details with you and your team.

Important Dates

Applicants must submit Letters of Intent for each prospective project proposal by Friday, July 2nd at 5pm EST. Upon review, the OCDMH and its Community Services Board will score projects per a provided scoresheet for guidelines.

Following, the scoring committee will invite select organizations to submit their full proposals for award consideration and selection. Organizations will then have until Friday, September 17th at 5pm EST to prepare and submit their complete proposal. Both hard and electronic copies must be submitted to be considered compliant.

Interested in knowing more?

If your organization has the project ideas to address either, or both, the Innovation and Improvement Fund RFP, but is unsure how to respond? The Bid Lab can help! We have helped organizations, like yours, review the RFP’s proposal requirements, including contract considerations, as well as evaluation criteria. Our experience will then guide you through the entire RFP response process. In addition, we will implement our tried and true methods to organize your data, processes, and people. So, contact us today to see how we can help make your experience a positive one!

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