Medical Center Website Redesign RFP

Erie County Medical Center Corporation (ECMCC) is seeking a creative and development partner to redesign and rebuild their current website. Significantly, the ECMCC website serves as their “digital front door”. Unfortunately, the organization does not feel their current site reflects as having a “discoverable, attractive, and easy to use functionality” for all patients seeking their services. So, they are seeking help from a reputable website design firm to help change this.

ECMCC is seeking a vendor partner to assist in delivering:

  1. Website user research and customer experience mapping
  2. Overall design and brand positioning
  3. Site design, architecture, and development
  4. Template design and content management system integration
  5. Content curation an population
  6. SEO
  7. Analytics

ECMCC is an advanced academic medical center located in Buffalo, New York. Their services include a Center for Oncology Care and serves as a Regional Center of Excellence for Transplantation, Kidney Care, and Behavioral Health. Further, the medical center consists of more than thirty (30) outpatient specialty care service facilities including one (1) long-term patient care facility.

ECMCC expects the website design and feature changes will create a digital health roadmap to:

  1. Use technology to change the way they interact with patients;
  2. Create convenient avenues for patients to receive care;
  3. Develop new technology-enabled capabilities to improve the health of their patients and community;
  4. Transform the way they work to become more efficient and less dependent on manual processes.

A complete list of ECMCC’s desired service descriptions including the Scope of Work can be found in the ECMCC Procurement Portal.

Important Dates

All responses must be submitted no later than Friday, June 11th at 11 am EST.

ECMCC will only accept proposal submissions via the ECMCC Procurement Portal. Explicitly, submissions received late, emailed, or incomplete will be rejected.

Interested In Working Together?

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