Water Rights Data System RFP

The California Department of Technology (CDT), on behalf of the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), released the Updating Water Rights Data (UPWARD) RFP. Specifically, the two (2) entities are seeking expertise and services in:

  • Updating the core water rights data management system
  • Policy recommendations and investments to transition to real-time water use monitoring and data collection
  • Building in digitized paper records to the geospatial product so that the water rights files are accessible to anyone, anywhere, electronically

The SWRCB division is responsible for administering the State’s water rights priority system and for protecting public trust resources. These resources include environmental flows, habitat and species protection. Furthermore, they oversee the types of water use permits for over 40,000 users to ensure priority usage during times of drought. As California’s water supply continues to face increasing water shortage challenges, it’s a priority to upgrade data tracking systems across the State.

Along with lack of quality assurance and control automation, further challenges their current system faces include:

  • Lack of integration of water use data with locational and temporal data
  • Inflexibility for expansion within proprietary systems
  • Inflexibility for connection with other internal and external data systems
  • A large volume of paper records inaccessible to the online system

In a three (3)-phase solicitation process, entities must propose replacing the current system to meet the new UPWARD standards. With this intention, some of the upgrades include: collecting water right reporting information, integration between multiple systems to expand capacity and digitizing paper records to streamline reporting of water data.

Visit California’s eProcurement Portal to download and view the complete RFP, its requirements and Phase outline.

Important Submission Information

This solicitation is a multi-step single competitive procurement that includes three (3) phases.

As part of Phase 1, the objective is for bidders to meet the State’s administrative requirements, mandatory qualifications, and narrative response to understanding the approach and requirements. The complete evaluation key is outlined in the RFP. Following, those who score high will be asked to move on to Phase 2.

All Phase 1 submissions must be received by Friday, January 28th, 2022 at 12 PM PST.

Interested in Responding to This RFP?

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