Can Your Government RFP Still Look Good?

RFP team designing government RFPs
Can Your Government RFP Still Look Good?

Navigating a complicated Request for Proposals (RFP) process can be a taxing process. Combining RFPs with the tedium of old-fashioned government bureaucracy can bore even the most dedicated paper-pushers to tears. Luckily, our RFP experts at The Bid Lab have seen our fair share of government RFP procurement paperwork. The good news? There are plenty of exciting ways to give even the driest government documents a little more visual pizzazz. Even the blandest of content can be engaging if it’s visually appealing. So if you’re ready to liven up your documents, then be sure to keep the following tips in mind as you take your government documents from dull and drab to RFP fab. 

Be Branded With Your Content

Adding your branding is an easy way to spice up your government RFP. Your brand identity makes your company unique. If your brand assets are readily available, then why wouldn’t you use them to help market your government proposals? 

We understand that government RFPs may occasionally mandate certain design choices. Sure, you might not be able to change the font, but you can add your brand colors. Give your charts some interest, put a frame around the images you are using or consider using a highlight. Even just a touch of color can help you stand out from the black and white. Your brand colors, though, will help make your government RFP memorable.

Be Thoughtful With Your Government RFP Design

Less is more in the RFP world. Don’t be afraid to use highlights or add images, but adding too many flashy design elements just to fill white space will clutter your message and doom your proposal. Design elements should complement and enhance the content on the page. Graphics, charts, tables, and other visual aids elements are powerful tools that should highlight areas of key content. Visual aids are a quick way to get a leg up on the competition, so be sure you’re thoughtful about how you apply them. It’s about how you present the information to make it stand out.

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Be Consistent With Text Elements

We’ve already established the importance of using your branding, but now do it consistently. This means making your charts, headings, fonts, etc., match throughout the whole doc. Use bold, underlined, italicized or even colored text, but be sure to use this formatting consistently throughout the whole document. Being consistent will help the flow of your government RFP response.

Be Creative With Government RFP Proposals

When it comes to creativity in a government RFP, it can be challenging due to design restraints. This is your chance to think outside the box! Keep in mind that creativity is all about showing, not telling. Adding charts, graphs and images are ways to make the information you want to be seen immediately pop.

When it comes to design in the government RFP world, it can be a challenge to figure out unique ways to highlight key information. Check out our article to learn whether certain tools might help perk up your response. Of course, there are always challenges to consider when working with response automation tools. However, if you still need help, our team is on standby and ready to assist. Not only can we help you design a beautiful document, but we can even help you find federal procurements and other bids! Visit Bid Banana, our user-friendly search engine, to find fresh opportunities. When you’re ready to draft, edit, and design your response, we’ve got your back. Contact us for a free consultation by calling 1-844-4BID-LAB or emailing us at