Roadrunner Health Services, LLC

Roadrunner Health Services LLC worked with The Bid Lab to win healthcare RFPs in our latest healthcare industry case study.

Client: Roadrunner Health Services, LLC (RHS)

Service: Bid Manager

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Company Bio: Roadrunner Health Services (RHS) offers a range of healthcare services throughout the Southwest. In 1998, RHS was founded in Las Vegas, New Mexico, to provide medical and psychiatric care for detention center inmates. The company currently provides comprehensive medical and mental health care at four county detention centers in the state. RHS’s guiding processes are consistent with community standards and best practices to ensure medically appropriate, legally defensible, and fiscally responsible care while committing to the physical and psychological well-being of the patients and the staff they serve.

“Our business model relies on responding to highly complex state and local bids. The Bid Lab was a true partner, eliminating the compliance headaches by organizing all requirements into easy-to-understand spreadsheets. That’s why we submitted five bids with them in one month!” 

David Montoya
CEO, Roadrunner Health Services

Roadrunner Health Services Overview

  • Collaborated with Roadrunner Health Services on several proposals to provide health services to detention centers in New Mexico.
  • Navigated highly detailed medical services bids that required significant narrative responses.
  • Provided our Bid Manager service to steer the entire project, including organizing compliance requirements, original writing, editing and proofing, graphic design, and submission.
  • Streamlined RHS’s content development system to leverage efficiencies for future bids.

The Challenge

Roadrunner Health Services approached The Bid Lab with the goal of responding to numerous medical services bids with complicated requirements. For example, just one of the mandatory specifications required a complete understanding of and responsibility for the standards provided by the New Mexico Counties Adult Detention Professional Standards Accreditation Program as detailed in the program’s 69 pages of guidelines.

The RFPs also had very detailed structures and demanded an ample amount of narrative content to address various aspects. These aspects ranged from recruitment methodology and standards to intake procedures and specific processes for health care services delivery. Further, Roadrunner Health Services requested The Bid Lab’s guidance and expertise to reply to five of these complicated bids, all in a scant one-month period!

Key challenges included properly noting and organizing the weighty compliance requirements as well as obtaining details from the procuring entity. And, for the first project, we had a turnaround time of less than two days! As we always do, The Bid Lab sprang into action. We oversaw RHS’s entire proposal process and created what would eventually become a robust 389-page RFP response.

The Solution 

As a first step, The Bid Lab and Roadrunner Health Services delved into the first of the RFPs in scope. Together, we began categorizing the myriad compliance requirements detailed throughout its 50 pages. Our team then organized all compliance stipulations into easily referenceable spreadsheets. This simplified the workflow between our two teams. 

Next, we created and assigned straightforward action items to further reduce RHS’s time outlay. We started by providing pre-filled forms to make it easy for their team to furnish the information needed to build content. In addition, we handled communication with the offering agency’s contacts. Confirmation of our thorough understanding of each and every requirement eliminated unnecessary back-and-forth between RHS and the agency’s procurement team.

With the compliance elements well-sorted, we then worked tirelessly to create an amazingly polished final product. Almost 400 total pages effectively conveyed RHS’s unique story and extensive capabilities. The document included customized graphics and engaging visual elements, and we ensured compliance with all print requirements in preparing the final submission. With this hefty proposal under our belt, it was time to move on to the next bid that Roadrunner Health Services had set their sights on!

“We strive to ‘do better for our patients,’ but to do that we have to grow our business. And I would have to say, The Bid Lab ‘did better’ for us by helping us do just that! They were right alongside us during every step of the response process, and never wasted a minute of our time.”

David Montoya
CEO, Roadrunner Health Services

The Results of the Engagement

Despite the intricate compliance requirements, tight turnaround time, and ultimate length of the proposal, The Bid Lab ensured RHS’s proposal was on time and on point. We worked diligently to tell their unique story of delivering comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services, all in an attractive and perfectly compliant package that checked each of the procuring agency’s boxes.

Thanks to Roadrunner Health Services’ collaboration with The Bid Lab, they won the bid! And, the company advanced to the next stage of award for two more bids. Moreover, The Bid Lab helped RHS develop an efficient response process complete with custom-created content and graphics. In fact, they’re already reaping the benefits of these efficiencies: While their first bid took 35 hours to prepare, that turnaround time shrunk by more than half. Their subsequent bids of similar size and scope only took 15 hours. That means RHS can bring on as many projects per month as necessary to keep expanding their business.

Roadrunner Health Services Found the Right Partner with The Bid Lab

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