Advanced Testing in Clinical Genetics (ATCG) Laboratory

ATCG and The Bid Lab: a healthcare RFP case study

Client: Advanced Testing in Clinical Genetics (ATCG)

Service: Bid Manager 

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Irvine, California

Company Bio: Advanced Testing in Clinical Genetics (ATCG) Laboratory (link) delivers results to healthcare providers and their patients. The company utilizes the latest in next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics to provide the highest-quality results. ATCG offers clinically relevant analysis for various tests, including carrier screenings, hereditary cardiovascular genomics, cancer genomics, pharmacogenomics, and COVID-19 services.

ATCG holds compliance and lab safety to the highest standard to produce accurate qualitative and quantitative analyses. They are performed in the shortest span of time without compromising quality. The service offerings are medically actionable and clinically relevant. When paired with clinical expertise, their services can be an important assessment tool to help clinicians improve patient outcomes.

“Our experience working with The Bid Lab has been first class. From finding relevant projects to final submission, The Bid Lab delivers everything they advertise and more! Their communication skills and ability to transform highly specialized terminology into an organized proposal is unmatched. We HIGHLY recommend their services.”

Jay Beatty
Chief Operating Officer

ATCG Overview 

  • With an increased demand for Covid-19 testing, ATCG faced an influx of competitors.
  • ATCG wanted to expand its business but faced challenges to stand out when many competitors offered cheap pricing without the holistic services and technology ATCG offers.
  • Even though larger competitors had name recognition, ATCG had greater technological solutions and needed TBL’s help in order to better position themselves. 
  • ATCG contacted TBL for their expertise, especially in competing for longer-term statewide contracts and public entities.

The Challenge

ATCG has a passion for delivering actionable results to patients, and its reputation has led to organic regional growth. After the global pandemic, the demand for more lab testing increased. However, when ATCG attempted to bid for state contracts, they noticed that the name-brand labs consistently won these bids. How? By offering low prices for outdated solutions.

Communicating the importance of efficient strategies and updated technologies to organizations facing medical emergencies is tough. After all, those organizations need an economical solution– and fast! Increased demand for medical testing also led to an increase in new labs. Suddenly, ATCG found themselves bidding in an increasingly competitive market.

ATCG wanted to communicate that their labs weren’t just the most sophisticated; they were also the most efficient. Their team needed an outside expert’s opinion on how to stand out amongst a crowd that included some heavy hitters. They learned The Bid Lab had experience working within the medical testing industry, so they reached out for a thorough review of their RFP process.

The Solution

The Bid Lab was intimately familiar with the medical testing industry and knew exactly what ATCG was up against. First, our editing and design teams reviewed their content and identified areas for improvement. That way, we could enhance their content to make it reusable for future bids. We stressed the benefits of ATCG’s strategies through copy and graphics to better illustrate their value over big box labs.

Our project manager combed through the RFP requirements to make sure that ATCG met all qualifications and was able to quickly turn around a first draft. Since ATCG provided The Bid Lab with content from previous bids, we began fine-tuning their information and assessing the RFP’s proposal guidelines to get to the final product. 

In less than 10 days, The Bid Lab had created an approved proposal that was sent to the procurement entity.

Shortly after that, ATCG Lab’s team learned that they had won that bid.

The Results of the Engagement

In total, The Bid Lab worked for just 20 hours with ATCG. So, did they win their first state-level bid? Yes, of course they did! Moreover, they didn’t just win; they won a competitive RFP over long-time incumbents. Because they partnered with The Bid Lab, they secured a state-level contract that seemed out of reach.

With The Bid Lab’s help, they quickly accomplished their goal of expanding their business. Thanks to The Bid Lab, ATCG can continue dipping into the state-wide and long-term contracting market.

Importantly, ATCG now has a catalog of content that can be easily customized for their next bid response. This saves them time and money. They have also successfully positioned themselves to bid on and win additional RFPs on both the state and local levels. Now, ATCG continues to see a return on their investment from their partnership with The Bid Lab.

Ready to Win Like ATCG?

Breaking through in any market can be tough. However, The Bid Lab can help your business get noticed! Are you in the business of healthcare like ATCG? Check out our articles about RFPs in the healthcare industry, then discover how to find an RFP in healthcare. Unsure how to effectively communicate your talents? No worries. Our team of RFP experts has the knowledge and experience to help you overcome proposal management challenges so you can submit the perfect bid. So, explore another successful case in the healthcare industry, or read up on case studies and successes covering all kinds of industries. Finally, reach out for a free consultation to see how we can help grow your business. Or, just give us a call at 1-844-4BIDLAB or email to learn more.