The Ultimate Guide to Finding Nevada RFPs

how to find RFPs in Nevada

The Silver State of Nevada has much to offer in the way of the industries of tourism, entertainment, hospitality, and government research sites. Remember when Area 51 became a viral internet meme on Facebook back in 2020? More than 1.5 million people liked and shared the idea of visiting Nevada to see Area 51’s UFOs and aliens for themselves. Even popular video games like Fall Out: New Vegas highlight the vast history of the Silver State, which has over 3.1 million people. But Nevada isn’t just about aliens, the Las Vegas strip, or even the booming tourism industry. Nevada is also about finding new opportunities. So, how can organizations expand their presence in Nevada without having to roll the dice in Las Vegas? Well, by teleporting into Nevada’s booming Request for Proposals (RFP) scene, of course! Organizations can secure lucrative bids and contracts via Nevada’s procurement opportunities.

Luckily for us, finding RFPs in Nevada is much easier than tackling Area 51. In fact, it’s relatively easy for businesses and government entities to find opportunities in the state.

The Silver State: Finding RFPs in Nevada

By finding the right RFPs in Nevada, your organization’s future won’t be anything like the post-apocalyptic landscape depicted in the Fallout series. But what do aliens, gambling on the Strip, and video games have to do with finding RFPs in Nevada? Well, everything! After all, Nevada (aka the Silver State) earns a whopping yearly profit of $25 million solely from the tourism, hospitality, and entertainment industries.

So, Nevada RFPs offer many opportunities for those in entertainment and tourism, as well as for local governments and schools. But winning big by finding RFPs in Nevada requires time, research, and dedication to understanding the unique dynamics of the industries present within the Silver State. The Las Vegas Strip has a long history of surprises, such as the gold rush and the Hoover Dam. Today, the Strip is full of small and large businesses, from hotels, casinos, shops, restaurants, schools, local governments, and specialty shops. Major cities with RFP opportunities include Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, and Henderson. 

The outdoor tourism industry is also booming with the presence of Lake Tahoe, the Great Basin National Park, and Death Valley, with the Smoky Mountains and the highest elevation at 13,140 feet. The Silver State boasts the fortunate ability to cut the costs of local income taxes and year-round sunshine.

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Comparing RFPs in Nevada

At The Bid Lab, we aim to help our clients find RFPs and achieve big wins. With our streamlined processes, extensive research, and expertly crafted RFPs, our dedicated team of professionals ensures that you’ll never fold, even when the cards are stacked against you. That’s why we’ve listed the following resources to help you in your search to find RFPs in Nevada!

  • Nevada Government eMarketplace (source: NGEM): NGEM is great for finding bids for historical restoration projects, local municipalities, and small businesses. NGEM provides guidelines for vendor purchasing and project material procurements and is entirely free to locate RFPs submitted and won by several government agencies in Nevada. 
  • The City of Las Vegas government website (source: City of Las Vegas). The Las Vegas government website displays a range of RFP opportunities for local businesses, historical museums, and government buildings. It is a valuable resource for viewing and comparing new bidding opportunities in Nevada, including construction-type projects and local governments.
  • PlanetBid, City of Reno (source: Planetbid). The government of the city of Reno utilizes PlanetBid, a platform that invites and facilitates bidding and procurement agencies interested in possible RFP opportunities. The platform features projects related to rehabilitating older buildings, remodeling city halls, restoring historical sites, and constructing sites on roads and highways. Moreover, the platform provides information about licensed supply vendors and approved past bids for these projects.

Nevada Fun Facts

  • Home to Area 51: Conspiracy theories about aliens and UFOs abound in this former nuclear test site. Located in Nellis Air Force Base and heavily guarded, Area 51 fuels a lot of fire for paranormal and alien enthusiasts. Since 1995, the entrance to the site has been heavily guarded, with posts around the whole fenced area.
  • The Brightest Place on Earth, Literally: The Las Vegas Strip is home to over 30 hotels, various casinos, shops and restaurants. In 2022, those neon lights were visible in NASA’s images of Earth from space. So, if you’re trying to find Nevada RFPs, have a look around the Strip. It’s literally one of the brightest spots on Earth!
  • Lots of Weddings: More than 300 weddings occur daily in Las Vegas, including in hotels and dive-through chapels. Celebrity impersonators and even wedding dress rentals have been a staple of Las Vegas weddings since 1977.
  • Abandoned Cities: Nevada has several historical abandoned towns, cities, and former mining camps to explore. Since the Gold Rush, Nevada has been a hotbed for mining gold and precious stones. 
  • Four Inches of Rain Per Year: Nevada is one of the most profound areas in the West, with only four inches of rain in Las Vegas annually. Death Valley National Park is full of sand and desert, red rock formations, and archaeological sites of ancient cities and lost ruins.

Up and Coming Cities

Las Vegas is always buzzing with activity. It’s no secret that the entertainment and tourism industries are the driving forces behind its success. The city’s booming local economy ensures that the city remains a top destination for visitors from all over the world. From the allure of the neon lights on the iconic Strip to the mysteries of extraterrestrials, endless opportunities await.

  • Henderson: Located in Clark County, this city quickly grows from 350,000 residents and is surrounded by Lake Las Vegas. Several significant hospitals, spas, and casinos surround it, creating many RFP opportunities for local businesses and vendors. Even the Titanium Metals Plant is located in Henderson, focusing on the aerospace industry.
  • Spring Valley: Spring Valley, situated in Clark County, has a population of 250,000. Spring Valley boasts numerous school districts and a historic district. It presents promising opportunities for RFPs in the educational and technology sectors.
  • Sparks: Located in Washoe County, Sparks has grown to nearly 108,000. Interestingly enough, Tesla founded the Panasonic Energy Plant, which provides many manufacturing and industrial jobs in the area. Find Nevada RFP opportunities here within Sparks’s technology, healthcare, and manufacturing fields. 
  • Whitney: Located in Clark County, Whitney is home to over 2,900 anchors of preserved wildlife, dubbed the Wetlands Park. It is also home to Sam Boyd Stadium, and the hospitality, tourism, and healthcare industries offer fantastic RFP opportunities. 

Finding RFP opportunities in Nevada takes time, persistence, and imagination. Fortunately, many industries, such as hospitality, tourism, healthcare, and technology, offer valuable insights into government projects and proposals. The Bid Lab isn’t sure what’s happening with Area 51, but our RFP process is definitely out of this world. So, don’t let aliens, UFOs, or the dizzying experience of Las Vegas scare you away from interesting Nevada bid opportunities. Try starting your search with Bid Banana, our own user-friendly RFP search engine. Bid Banana is also a great way to compare and contrast similar projects within your industry. Then, The Bid Lab can help you develop an extraordinary response that even extraterrestrials will love. So, reach out to schedule a free consultation with us today by calling 1-844-4BIDLAB or emailing

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