Get an RFP Editor to Tackle Your RFP!

RFP Team editing RFP
Get an Editor to Tackle Your RFP!

All Writers Need Editors!

The most ironic part about mistakes is that many people have a more difficult time seeing their own. This is also true when it comes to writing. Writers might roll their eyes when editors say, “You need an editor.” They may think editors are just attempting to drum up business for themselves. The hardcore fact, though, is that even editors need editors. And every RFP team needs and RFP editor.

You Need an Editor Too!

RFPs are no exception to the “needing an editor” rule either. Our advice? If you’re writing an RFP, then please, please, please make sure you get an editor. Editors are vital if you’re trying to build a better procurement management team! Having an editor who understands the RFP process and compliance requirements can save your RFP from the never-to-be-seen-again abyss. Evaluators and procurement managers will find any reason to give your RFP the boot. So, don’t let a few common mistakes made when submitting an RFP response disqualify your response. Does the cover letter meet the requirements? An editor can catch those kinds of errors.

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How Can an RFP Editor Help?

Here are some pillar items that RFP editors can help writers with as they tackle that RFP:

  1. Submission requirements – For your bid to be compliant, every required element of the RFP should be competitive. Editors can ensure all required certifications, delivery instructions, notarizations and signatures are included. Most importantly, editors can make sure evaluators read your work instead of tossing it in the trash.
  2. Cover letter – Is it written in a compelling and engaging manner? Is the introduction succinct? Does the RFP cover letter include all required elements? Cover letters can potentially make or break an RFP before an evaluator can get to the good stuff! An editor will read and ready your amazing RFP for submission. Then, the procurement manager is free to review and enjoy the incredible offerings you have provided.
  3. Adherence to appropriate guidelines – If an editor understands the difference between private vs local, state and federal public compliance guidelines, they can ensure the RFP compliance accordingly. They can work to ensure it meets compliance and is formatted correctly.
  4. Punctuation, grammar, and spelling faux pas – Good editors can give your writing some much-needed shine and polish. Attempting to sludge through difficult-to-read sentences, off-putting punctuation, and questionable grammar could cause the procurement manager to lose interest.
  5. An experienced and professional perspective – Editors bring many years’ worth of experience to the table. This allows them to find those problem areas and iron them out quickly and easily. Maybe your RFP word choices did not convey the value of your services. In that case, an editor might reshape and mold that section, finessing it to provide depth, clarity and detail. This may give you the ability to stand out and make the procuring manager sit up and take notice!

RFP Editors Are an Asset

Once you’re finished writing the RFP, you’ll likely be sick of looking at it. You’ll have probably stared at it for so long that you might feel like your eyes are crossing. This can be a problem when you start to review the work. Unfortunately, our brains do not see certain errors after having read through our own writing consistently. Perhaps you repeated a word or phrase on the same page, paragraph, or sentence. In this case, a few word-use changes would give it more variety.

While grammar and spell-checking programs are helpful, they will not fully ensure all editing issues are resolved. That’s the job of an RFP editor. So, in this case, the practiced and objective eye of someone who has never seen the RFP before can be a huge asset in ensuring your RFP is ready for contract award.

An editor is an immensely valuable asset as you craft a winning RFP. At The Bid Lab, our experts can work with you as you go through this process! We will provide you with advice about RFP writing services as well as RFP writers. And—yes!—we can provide editors who can work with you to create a bid that stands above the rest! So, take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. If you could use some help crossing every t and dotting every i, reach out to us today at by calling 1-844-4BIDLAB or emailing