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  • 24/7 coverage and backup assistance to enhance your bidding process

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Our Proven Process to Greater RFP Success



Understand You & Your Business

We sit down with you to learn more about your business, objectives, and ideal opportunities. With the information gathered from our consultation, we create a custom profile for your organization that will help source and generate ideal RFPs.



Identify Strategic Opportunities

Our team of experienced bid finders handpicks RFPs that match your goals and eligibility. Each week, we send you a list of new opportunities specific to your business objectives, saving you time and frustration sifting through hundreds of proposals.



Kick Off the RFP Production

We hit the ground running by taking the first pass. By initiating the RFP response process, we are able to quickly identify information gaps. While we work to fine-tune compelling content, our design team begins conceptualizing an aesthetically-pleasing response document.



Ensure RFP Quality & Accuracy

Before we even think about submitting the document, we proofread, edit, and make the necessary adjustments to ensure compliance. We go the extra mile by utilizing our four-eye review process to cross every t and dot every i.



Submit the Proposal

The time has arrived! We submit your proposal via the determined medium. As we wait for a response, we save all of the developed content in a centralized database so we can submit future RFPs faster and easier.



Build on the Momentum

We follow up on the contract on your behalf to see if a decision has been made. Regardless of the award status, we work with you to identify areas of improvement for future bids. At the same time, we are finding new opportunities that will utilize the content just created, saving you more time and more money.

Have an RFP Deadline Coming Up?

We offer emergency assistance that delivers a quality RFP in as short as 24 hours. There’s no time to lose – give us a call today!

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RFP Support for
All Situations

We simplify the complex RFP process to help you win more business. Whether you need end-to-end support or want
us to complement your current RFP team, we are here to meet you where you need us.

Full-Service Partnership

Develop custom-curated content for proposals
Design flexible, unique templates for your brand
Receive complimentary bids hand-selected for you
Provide guidance for each step of the bidding process
Analyze your RFP results to continue improving your win rate

Extension of Your Team

Edit and audit your latest bids
Provide graphic and design support
Create a pipeline of RFP opportunities
Conduct market research and analysis
Supplement your team based on complexity and volumes

Need a Cover Letter Template?

A great cover letter can help you get started with your first bid. Download our proven template below and get a sneak peek into our secret sauce.

Clients Who Are Winning More
Business with The Bid Lab


“Working on RFPs can be stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming, but I never felt alone or lost because The Bid Lab was there every step of the way. And, with a 30x return on investment, I will definitely keep expanding my relationship with The Bid Lab!”

Janki Patel
Jump Ahead Pediatrics

Return on Investment
Reduction in Response Time

“I was blown away by how your team could take over 100 pages of information and requirements and edit it all down to 20, along with completing it within the strict time restraints. We look forward to doing it again as part of our business growth plan.”

Mark Boeing
Environmental Disinfection Solutions

Day Turnaround Time
‹ 20
Hours to Complete Bid Process
Win Rate

“We never expected that another business would be able to deliver bid wins for us the way The Bid Lab has. We look forward to continuing this relationship while expanding our business in the public sector.”

Douglas Masch
DEC Contracting

‹ 1
Week Turnaround Time
Reduction in Response Time

“The Bid Lab team exceeded my expectations before I even signed on to partner with them. From the very first conversation, I knew they were the company that could help me respond to my first RFP. I now not only have expanded my business, but also my knowledge of what it takes to respond to RFPs.”

Michele Walter
Life From the Summit

‹ 2
Day Turnaround Time
Hours to Complete Bid Process

“Our business model relies on responding to highly complex state and local bids. The Bid Lab was a true partner, eliminating the compliance headaches by organizing all requirements into easy-to-understand spreadsheets. That’s why we submitted five (5) bids with them in one (1) month!”

David Montoya
Roadrunner Health Services

‹ 2
Day Turnaround Time
Reduction in Response Time
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